Role of the Church in the era of colonization in Guarani?

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There is no record of a country named Guarani. The Guarani was a South American indigenous tribe, so there was no "colonization" of Guarani. The modern day Paraguay occupies this tribe's are, so the Catholic Church was responsible for the introduction of so-called Christianity to the indigenous people.
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What is the role of the church in the community?

Catholic Churches offer Mass to the Catholic community which unites them. . Churches may offer side project things like youth clubs which do not enforce Christianity but simply be Christ- like towards the children in the youth club. They also may have sessions where homeless people can come to get ( Full Answer )

What is the role of the saints in a church?

In the Catholic Church, saints are examples for Christian living. They are persons in history whose lives exalted the attributes the Church most wishes to promote: charity, dedication, faith, etc. Catholics also believe that the dead are able to pray to God from where they are in the afterlife. Ther ( Full Answer )

What role did the church play in Massachusetts?

The role the church played in Massachusetts was to separatecompletely from the other New England congregations, so nonon-religious person would sabotage the church.

What is the role of the church?

The role of the church should be that of " the Faithful wife and mother who is bearing God's Children ." "Married women, submit to your own husbands as if to the LORD;because a husband is the Head of his wife as Christ also is theHead of the Church, being indeed the Savior of this His Body. And ( Full Answer )

What is the role of women in the Elizabethan era?

The women of the Elizabethan era were taught to obey men and make them proud once a lady got married. She was supposed to be able to do very complex things for a housewife. She was supposed to be a doctor ( to be able to cure colds, set and place broken bones etc.). She was also the food maker makin ( Full Answer )

What was the role of Muckrakers during the progressive era?

Mass-circulation magazines were very important in spreading theword of progressivism. The authors who contributed to thosemagazines were often called muckrakers. Writers like LincolnSteffens and Ida Tarbell began to expose the ills in society,government, commerce, and industry. They wrote about the ( Full Answer )

What was the role of the church in society in the 1600s?

o.k. the role was to teach your personal relationship to God first, then family, and then community! it was and still is mean't to be the guide for everyones every day life in and as the basis of society!

What was the role of the Church in New France?

The role of the church was to keep everything in order and undercontrol also since everything revolved around it and since it wasthe middle of the society it played and the hippopotamus pulleddown his granny underpants and told the whole world to go to thegrand river toilet and poop on every person ( Full Answer )

What is the role of a church?

Jesus established the Church of God on earth to be a community of like-minded, repentant disciples to learn the ways of the Kingdom/Government of God. These will become 'firstfruits' and help Jesus set-up God's Government on Earth. After the Millennial rule, these will become the 'bride of Christ.'

What is the role of a bishop in the Catholic Church?

Catholic Answer A bishop is a successor of the Apostles, he has received thefullness of Christ's priesthood. His most distinctive and uniquerole is ordination - to ordain priests and other bishops. In mostcases, a bishop is in charge of a diocese, even if it is onlytitular - there are over two thou ( Full Answer )

How did the church Catholic church contribute to colonization?

Pope Alezzander VI, gave divine-rite to the Kings of Spain, and Portugal, to what was then The New World. Ever since the Israelites, claimed their god told them Canaan, was their promised land. The Judaic holy people have considered they could take any land they wanted, and the indigenous peoples ( Full Answer )

What role did disease play in European colonization?

Native Americans lacked immunity to many of the diseases broughtover by the Europeans. This conferred a distinct advantage becausemany of the natives died and it was easier to take their lands.

What role did Martin Luther have in the church?

hi please answer this question PLEASe. The role he had was he started his own reform the protestant Reformation which was based on his 95 theses. We know that he was a monk but while n the monastery he had obsereved several things that he did not like about the Catholic church- such as indulgences. ( Full Answer )

Does technology influence the role of the Church?

The roll of the church is to preach the word of God. Technology helps spread the word of God more efficiently. A preacher can be heard and seen all over the world without them having to leave the place of their address to the world.

What role did the church have in early Hawaii?

They worked to Christianize and clothe the Native Hawaiians (the women used to go bare breasted). This is the origin of "muumuus". Also the missionaries also tried to dictate what positions couples could have sex in. That is the origin of the term "missionary position". The missionaries stopped huma ( Full Answer )

What role does the pope have in the church?

To Catholics the Pope is the head of church. He has what we call "papal infallibility" which is the ability to be correct in any aspect of religeous decision making. Catholics do not worship the pope but see him as a man who can make decisions on how they can have a better relationship with God.

What roles do men have in church?

In Christian and Islamic faith the man have ALL the roles - women are very much second-class creatures, and don't have roles which are theirs alone. Indeed in Christianity it is only recently that some of the Churches have allowed women to have the same roles as men. Judaism has a longer histo ( Full Answer )

What was the role of actors in the Elizabethan era?

Some of the men played the role of a woman playing a man. This took great skill and imagination. Their role not as above, was to inform and educate and to make the audience laugh. Men played the part of a woman, because women were not allowed to be actresses.. Females on stage were classed as pros ( Full Answer )

What role did religion play in the Progressive Era?

The Progressive Era was a period time from the 1890's to the1920's. It was a period of great political reform and socialactivism when religious morality helped to promote the idea ofcommunity and solidarity.

What was betty friedans role in ERA?

she faced woman discrimanation. she fought for herf rights and now men and woman are equal . no one person is better then onother or gets more say. she WA one of the people that had a huge impact on America during the 20th century.

What were the gender roles in the Paleolithic era?

Men did all the hunting to supplement the food that the women gathered. Men were usually strong, so they did all the hunting. Women did most of the jobs. They had to give birth to children and gather food.

The role of the church in youth development?

It can help youth learn to love God, to have good loving and caring character - if it is a loving and caring Christian church, and it can help remind children to look after the less fortunate, and to honor and respect their parents.

What is the monsignor's role in the Church?

The title monsignor is an honorary title presented by the pope to some parish priests after years of admirable service. It is made upon the recommendation of the bishop of the diocese. A monsignor has the same duties as any parish priest. He has no other particular roles or responsibilities.

What is Mary's role in the Catholic Church?

Catholics honor Mary in a special way because she was the mother of Christ. Since Christ is God, Mary is then the Mother of God. We also believe that she was conceived without original sin, as she told St. Bernadette in 1858 ("I am the Immaculate Conception"), and remained sinless throughout her ent ( Full Answer )

What roles did women have in Catholic churches?

For a long time, the only role for women within the Catholic was becoming a nun or simply being a member of the congregation. But currently women can be readers, sing in the choir, or even be altar servers when they are younger.

What are the roles of the youth in church?

The role of youth in the church is the same as adults. All believers are called to the same mission: glorifying God and spreading His gospel. Youth, of course, are still learning many concepts of the Christian faith, therefore education is very important, but that does not mean that they are exclude ( Full Answer )

What was the role of the Church in the time of Jesus?

There was no Church. Roman Catholic Answer The Church was born from the side of Jesus on the cross, when He was pierced by a lance. It was presented to the world at Pentecost with the coming of the Holy Spirit. Since then It's only role has been to present God to the people in the world, and bri ( Full Answer )

What is the main idea of the era of colonization?

There isn't one. Colonisation went through successive stages, sometimes shaped by policy, sometimes an improvised response to geopolitical conditions. At various stages it was driven by military or religious zeal, individual or collective greed, considerations of national prestige, strategic competi ( Full Answer )

What was the women role in the Neolithic era?

Women in the neolithic era (the new stone age) often worked onfarms with help from their children. Many clay and stone figurinesof neolithic women have been preserved, with exaggeratedreproductive organs, suggesting women may have been idolized fortheir fertility.

What happened to the church during Constantine's era?

Constantine reversed the rule that , every one couldn't be christian and would die or be sent to jail . and said if you werent a christian and didnt go to church you go to prison or even die. So the church lost its meaning , lost the reason to be there , not to praise God but to keep from going to j ( Full Answer )

What role did the church play in the Massachusetts?

In the early colonial days and even after Massachusetts became a US State, the Protestant Church played a large part of the lives, culture and politics of this State. One role was propagate the rule of law, another was later to advocate freedom from Great Britain. Not all churches however were in fa ( Full Answer )

What is a monsignor's role in the Catholic Church?

Monsignor is strictly an honorary title in the Catholic Church and most who receive the title are simply pastors in local parishes who have the normal duties of any pastor.

What is the role of women in the Catholic Church?

While women cannot be ordained in the Catholic Church, they can still fill any other role of a lay person. They can become extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, lectors, teachers of theology, altar servers, etc. Some diocese have even appointed women to be the chancellor of the diocese - the rig ( Full Answer )

What are the roles of youth in church?

The roles of youth in church comprise of Attending youth group/ bible studies, choirs, and volunteer in other activities.

What is the role of religion in the colonization?

The original settlers of America, were escaping the church of England, which was Catholic. This caused them to leave Great Britain for freedom of religion found in the Americas.

What is the role of religion in the colonization of other nations?

The Christians, for one, see colonization as part of their mission of spreading their religion around the world. They tend to look at countries in Africa, for example, as in great need of their religion. Of course, there are far greater things needed by the countries of Africa, such as food, clean w ( Full Answer )

What is my role in church?

A church offers many things to many people. The 'role' of an individual is to recognise your acceptance that you are part of that family and not expected to perform any 'role,' but to be part of a family. Yes, within that family, you may volunteer, or may be asked to participate in helping the fa ( Full Answer )

Why are there many roles in the Catholic Church?

Overall, there are three large groups of roles in the Church: the clergy, the religious, and the laity. Obviously, most of us fall into the last category. The clergy include all the deacons, priests, and bishops, plus the Pope as a special role as Vicar of Christ on earth. The religious for the most ( Full Answer )

What role does Mary have in the church?

The Blessed Virgin Mary was the mother of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In a special way, she is mother of the Church, and the mother of each Christian, as Christ said to St. John from the cross, "Behold your mother."

What was the role of the head of state in the Elizabethan era?

The Head of State that is, the King (or in this era: the Queen) wasin modern terms the highest executive and judicial figure in theland with near-absolute power. In her day, Parliament met onlyintermittently and it could be sent home and simply be not convenedfor considerable periods if it in some w ( Full Answer )