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There is a School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. There is also one at the University of California Davis.

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What level of education is needed to work as a veterinarian?

A veterinarian has very similar training to a medical doctor for humans. In fact it is easier to become a medical doctor than a vet because there are a lot fewer vet schools. There are only 20 vet schools in the United States.

What training is needed to become a veternary technician?

This site gives a good overview of the training to become a veterinarian tech as well as a list of schools that offer the program. Click on the FAQ tab for information about coursework and lab assignments.

What is the approximate cost of the training to become a veterinarian in South Africa?

$20,000.00 USD

What radiology schools actually allow students to go into hospitals for real world training?

If you are studying to become a radiologist you must actually go to medical school and complete a residency so all schools will provide you with in hospital training.

What schools offer training to become a social worker?

There are numerous schools that offer training to become a social worker. In West Michigan schools such as Hope College and Calvin College offer excellent programs.

Are there any radiology technician schools that provide completely online courses?

There are several online schools that offer radiology technician courses. However to get a job as a radiologist, you still need to have hands on training to become certified.

What education or training do you need to become a animal chiropractor?

To become an animal chiropractor you must first become either a chiropractor or a veterinarian. Then you can specialize in animal chiropractic.

Do universities play a role in how a society chooses their veterinarians?

The colleges of veterinary medicine are the sole arbitrators of who can become a veterinarian within the United States; depending upon the training and education they provide, society will get a certain blend of veterinarians working in the various aspects of the profession. However, if you are asking if the school a veterinarian graduates from impacts whether or not clients will see that veterinarian, the answer is generally no - all colleges of veterinary medicine are held to a high standard for training, so a veterinarian from Cornell is generally equivalent to a veterinarian from Mississippi State is generally equivalent to a veterinarian from Texas A&M. Quite honestly, most clients probably don't know where their veterinarian was trained at.

What education or training do you need to become a veterinarian in the UK?

To become a qualified veterinarian you need a university degree in Veterinary Medicine. This may sound relatively simple but I've heard that getting a place on the course is very difficult!

Do you need an internship to become a veterinarian?

Really yes you do need some training but other than that no>--Ineshia Sells

What are some colleges for vet training in SC.?

Trident Technical College offer training to become a certified veterinarian. The school is located in College Charleston, SC.

What schools or programs provide the best training to become a model?

You don't need training to become a model. Agencies prefer aspiring models that have no experience and once signed, agencies train their models for free. Many frown upon models that have attended classes or schools because they often have to break bad habits. However, if you still wish to pursue training in the modeling field there are plenty of schools you can inquire into, such as Barbizon, John Robert Powers, and John Casablanca.

Are there any online veterinary schools?

Yes, there are many programs that you can choose from online. With these programs, you are training to become a Veterinary Tech, not a full fledged Veterinarian. I'm not sure. I would think it would be near impossible to get vet training online simply because it would be a very hands on process.

What is the annual salary of a vetrenarian?

To become a veterinarian requires 6-8 years of college with four of those years spent in medical training. The annual average salary of a veterinarian is $93,000.

What kind of career training is needed to become a makeup artist?

Most makeup artists get their training from attending beauty schools. These schools, while fairly expensive, are a great way to get training and job placement assistance.

Where do I go to find veterinary schools?

There are many different places you can study to become a veterinarian. The best qualifications typically come from universities and require several years of training. Talking with a local vet may also help you narrow your search.

What education or training do you need to become a veterinarian assistant?

You should take some biology, chemistry, zoology or veterinary medicine

What university do you need to go to become a veterinarian?

You need to go a university that has a school of veterinary medicine. One of the best is NC State University in Raleigh, NC. Here is website to compare schools - Good luck!

What schools are qualified for veterinarians?

you have to be smart, good with animals, biology and many others classes and things you need to become a veterinarian mechanic.:)

Are there any additional degrees or training available to become a veterinarian?

The basic requirements to become a veterinarian in the United States are to obtain a DVM or VMD (the two degrees are equivalent), pass the NAVLE and obtain a State license to practice. Additional training can include internships, residencies, PhD, Master's degree and non-traditional certification such as acupuncture.

Where can I search for veterinarian schools on the internet?

Talk to your local veterinarian and ask if you could ask her some questions on where she would recommend going to school to become a veterinarian. You can also search the web that would be useful too.

Does a person need a bachelor degree to become a vet?

Yes, you need a bachelor's degree to become a Veterinarian. Most schools of Veterinary medicine require their students to have their BA's before applying.

What qualities do you need to become a veterinarian?

To become a veterinarian, you must possess an eager desire to help all animals. If you have this quality, you must go to veterinarian school.

What education and training do I need to become a massage therapist?

The are massage therapy schools. There you can obtain the training at master the skill needed to be a good massage therapist.

What are can training schools?

Yes, CAN stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. It's a variety of courses and on the job training to become a valuable member of the medical commiunity.

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