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Sec. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

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Q: Secretary of DOH
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Who is current DOH secretary of the Philippines?

Current DOH Secretary - Enrique T. Ona

Who is the secretary of DOH?

the secretary of DoH /DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH is sec marianito d. roque

Who is the sec of doh?

john renjay jurilla is the current secretary of doh

Who is the secretary of the department of health Philippines 2012?

the current secretary of doh

Who is the Pressent secretary of doh?

susan roses di bugi

Who is the current secretary of DOH?

Dr. Hona - first one who conduct a kidney transplant all over the world

Who is the secretary of the department of health Philippines?

Dr. Enrique Ona is the new DOH SecFrank S. Bournsi dont know

National goal and objectives of the DOH in the Philippines?

what is the goal of DOH? what is the goal of DOH? what is the goal of DOH?

Sino ang secretary ng bagong DOH?

xD i dont know still finding it I think its Armin Altamirano Luistro

Who is the secretary of the doh of the philippines?

As of 2012, the Secretary of the Department of Health in the Republic of the Philippines is Enrique T. Ona. He took office on June 10, 2010 under President Benigno S. Aquino III.

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the mission of the DOH is:health for all Filipinos

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