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I would demand my money back if it wasn't the sellers car in the first place to be offering it up for sale. Check with the real owner to find out his intentions with this false seller. Hope you got receipts for payments rendered to this individual.

I have a question before I answer. Is everyone who asks a car title question here illiterate? Is the above gibberish a story, a statement or a question? Anyway, long and short of it, if I read it right, is that YOU DON'T BUY CARS WITHOUT GETTING A CURRENT TITLE AND REGISTRATION. If you do it seems you'll become a barely functioning idiot who gets taken fairly easily. Now if you'll excuse I'll be donating some time and money to my local ESL group.

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Q: Seller has no title but draws up contract anyway and after demanding reg and title tries to repo so can car be returned and moneys demanded since seller had no right to sell car from beginning?
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