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What does traction control service system means?

your wheel bearings could be going out or already bad. I think it means to take your vehicle into a service station and have your traction control system looked at/repaired

What does ets mean?

Expiration Term of Service

What is a service traction system light 2001 Chevy venture van?

I have a 2000 venture and the traction control light came on. Where do I look first, hubs. Wiring.

2001 impala you hear a eeerrrhhhmm sound as your brake pedal forces itself upwards for about 2 seconds that's when the message system displays service your traction then disables it?

the traction light comes on telling you there is a low traction condition, not that the system needs service. the anti-lock brake system is the noise you hear. it is a series of hydraulic pumps that is cycling the brake pressure on the locking wheel. that is also what you feel on the pedal. the system is working as it should.

How do you service the traction system for 2001 Monte Carlo ss?

Take it to an authorized GM Dealer. This is not a do it yourself job.

What does the tcs light mean in a 1999 Chevy venture?

Traction Control System Traction Control System

What is the differences between Traction Control System and Enhanced Traction System?

retardation of spark to any one or two of the engine cylinder....when the wheel understeers or oversteers during turningEnhanced Traction System...

Why does the service traction system and abs light come on 2004 impala?

Probably wheel speed sensor failure (in the wheel bearing assembly).

What is a ETS light on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

Enhanced Traction System or Traction Control.

What does a traction control system light plus a brake light mean on a Honda Accord?

You have a problem with the Anti-Lock brake system. This system is used by the traction control system.

Will you damage your car by not getting your traction system fixed?

No, the traction control system will not work but no damage will be done. You can drive it in this condition if you wish.

What does the ETS button Mean?

ETS means ENHANCED TRACTION SYSTEM or what is commonly called, (Traction Control) The button is used to turn it off and on. Leave it on.ETS means ENHANCED TRACTION SYSTEM or what is commonly called, (Traction Control) The button is used to turn it off and on. Leave it on.

What does ETS stand for?

ETS stands for Enhanced Traction System. This is GM's version of Traction Control.

What is the meaning of traction control system?

There are different kind of traction control system. the logic behind them is to detect tire spin (when you loose traction) and the car will mechanically or electronically adjust the output of the motor to prevent slippage.

Who invented Traction control system?


What is mean TCS?

traction control system

What is TCS in cars?

Traction Control System

What does tcs light on 2004 Honda accord indicate?

That is the Traction Control System. When it is on the traction control is off.

Your 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix has the service ABS system light on?

Wiring in the front by the suspension gets pinched. I have about 5 friends with these cars & my daughter has one. It fixed the problem

What causes the abs and trac off light to stay on and the service traction system light also?

There is a problem with a speed sensor. Go to a repair shop and have it diagnosed.jd

What does tcs stand for in an Acura?

"Traction Control System" it engages when your vehicle loses traction, reducing gas supply to slow the vehicle so you can regain traction.

What is Ideal traction system?

An ideal traction system refers to a system that helps or rather prevents the wheels from skidding while riding on slippery areas or in water. It is commonly called the TCS.

Can you have acceleration problems with the traction control system problems?

with traction control on you have better acceleration because the ecu is giving the right amount of power to the wheel with most traction.

What is an ETS on a Buick Skylark?

Enhanced Traction System.

What does ETS mean on a 2002 Grand Am GT?

ETS on a GT means Enhanced Traction System (ETS) or Traction Control.