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Shaking steering wheel when braking?

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You have a warped brake rotor.

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You found out that your pads were replaced but not your rotors you then got new rotors but kept the same pads that were still good However the steering wheel shakes at times What do you do?

Does the steering wheel shake worse when you step on the brakes? If braking does not cause the steering wheel shaking you probably just have an out of balance wheel, a bent rim or a faulty tire.

Steering wheel starts shaking sometimes on Nissan sentra?

you steering wheel starts shaking because you probably have warped roders your shaking will get worse at higher speeds and when pressing the brake

Steering wheel shakes when driving?

Many things can cause the steering wheel to shake when you are driving. However, the most common cause of steering wheel shaking is a bent wheel.

When braking and turning what do you use?

Steering wheel and brake pedal.

Your steering wheel on my 1990 civic keeps shaking?

if it shakes while your braking your front roters could be warped or if it shakes while your driving try balancing the tires at a tire shop.

Steering wheel shaking?

Get your tires balanced and/or check the lug nuts.

Shaking when braking at faster speeds in a Pontiac G6?

If you're feeling a shaking/shuddering through the steering wheel when braking, this could mean you have warped rotors or uneven wear in your brake pads. Check them. It could also signify an unbalance in your tires. If you're feeling a change in the braking, like locking up or a skidding, this could mean something is wrong with your ABS (if your model has ABS).

Why does the steering wheel vibrate when braking?

You possibly have warped brake rotors on the front. Or Bad Wheel Bearings.

Why would your steering wheel and pedals be shaking when driving?

1. out of balance tire 2. Steering out of alignment 3. bad wheel bearings

Steering wheel vibrates when braking?

Most likely warped brake discs

Why is your truck shaking when you brake Its not the rotors and the brake petal and steering wheel shakes only when braking at any speed?

There could be a bad wheel bearing or worn front end components. Check the tie rod ends and ball joints for wear.

What causes the steering wheel shake without braking?

You may need a wheel alignment, or you may need bushings.

Why is your car steering wheel shaking?

Tires need to be balanced and re-aligned

If you hit a pot hole and then your car and steering wheel shake when you drive Any ideas?

If your steering wheel is shaking you probabley messed you wheels or axel up

On my truck there is shaking in the stearing wheel?

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, defective tire, or worn steering parts.

What causes steering wheel shaking?

At highway speed, tire out of balance or bent wheel. When stopping, warped rotor.

What happens when a tire skids or slides during hard braking?

you loose control of steering cause your steering wheel locks up

What causes steering wheel vibration on braking with AC on?

Your AC should have NOTHING to do with your barking system, as it is not tied into the vacuum of the engine. If your wheel shakes under braking, then you need to replace your rotors and pads.

What are the risks when driving a car with a shaky steering wheel?

A shaking steering wheel means something is wrong. Can be a tire out of balance, bent wheel, or suspension problem. Whatever it is, the shaking it putting stress on other parts and can cause other things to wear out. It is especially hard on wheel bearings. have this diagnosed and repaired asap.

Loud thumping noice and steering wheel shaking bad?

You need to see a mchanic BADLY!!!!

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