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Should I have an affair with my husband's best friend?


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November 05, 2007 8:17PM

First of all, the fact that you are asking this question means that you are already thinking about doing it anyway, so anything I say may really not matter. But that won't stop me! Don't do it, not if you value your husband at all, or your marriage of however many years you have been married. Let's say you sleep with his best bud and what next, after that fun? Divorce, or fight with your husband over the affair or what? Is his bud or is the affair worth it? I seriously doubt that you any relationship that starts with an affair can end up well, as it is built upon infidelity and mistrust. I suggest that you rekindle your marriage with new moves and surprise him with outfits and such. That way, you won't feel the need to go abroad to get the action you want, as he is willing to amp up your marriage if you are willing, of course. Turn all of your attention and the attention other guys give you to your husband, and get it on the right way.