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The I-net modem works with PC Login or Dialup network. If it's through router just disable connection & continue with other work.If Dialup then just swith it off!

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How do you get Internet on your xbox360?

ok to get internet or Xbox live on your Xbox you have to first have a modem and an Ethernet cord insert the cord into the modem and the xbox and then you should have internet

What modem do you need for minecraft?

Any modem can be used... if you want to play multiplayer, you should use a modem which can connect to the Internet.

What do you need to connect your Ethernet network to the internet through a DSL or cable modem?

If you have an ethernet cable plug it into the modem and they should be connected. My Modem is connected with a router to the rest of the network and with the internet modem and is both wireless and wired

Does wireless modem enables you to have wireless Internet access with mobile devices?

Yes Basically everything that has Internet but if you are not getting Internet you should try getting closer to the modem to see where the problem is!

How do you use a usb cable to connect to your modem?

When you get your cable modem, it should come with a CD in which you can install the drivers(Software of the modem) to you computer using a USB cable. After its complete you should be able to access the internet without using the Ethernet cable

How do you get cordless Internet onto a laptop?

You must buy a Wi-fi modem with internet access. Your computer should have bluetooth. Then you can get cordless internet.

What should be the minimum speed of a modem?

Modems are the way many people connect to the internet. The minimum speed of a WiFi enabled modem is 56 kbps.

Is there internet on the iPod touch?

If you have Wi-Fi, yes. yes,if u have or somebody else has a wireless modem,u should be upto 30 feet from the modem. also the internet is that program called safari.

Will your ipod touch work with a cable modem?

As long as you have a wireless router, you should be able to use your iPod touch to surf the internet using your cable modem.

What are the requirement of an Internet?

To establish a connection to internet the following are required1) Computer with facility to connect a modem. A separate port is to be provided for external modem or an expansion slot for internal modem.2)A telephone connection3)A modem4) A TCP/IP account with an internet Service provider5) The computer should have the respective software to avail the various internet resources. It should have a web browser to view the web pages, and an e-mail software to compose, send and organise e-mail messages

How do you connect to the internet through a modem in Ubuntu?

It should be as simple as plugging the ethernet cable from the modem into the computer. Ubuntu is generally smart enough to figure out how to configure the connection.

How do you split cable internet with with one modem?

Purchase a router, or upgrade your modem to one that has a built in wireless router, it should only be a few bucks a month extra.

What components should be deactivated when installing a cable modem?

Which components should be deactivated when installing a cable modem

What your wireless connection should look like to hook up to xbox live?

You should have a modem plugged to the xbox Internet slot. Have all your Ethernet cables and DSL plugged and have the Internet plugged in and switched on

Will a modem be detected without the internet?

if you are asking will my modem in my computer be detected without having an internet connection. Yes, you computer should auto detect that a modem is present. Now that doesn't mean that windows/linux/Mac will have the drivers you need to be able to use your hardware.

Requirements of internet connection?

First of all you need a modem with a paid service. That is about it. The service provider should do It all from there.

What should I do if I lose internet connection regularly?

Contact your internet service provider. They will probably tell you to reset your router/modem and check your signal strength.

How you can find the USB modem password?

It should be at the back of your modem.

Why is modem needed?

If you're talking about a Cable Modem, which I guess you are since Modems are not really used anymore. A cable modem is...really important. A cable modem is the door for the internet signal. The signal goes from your ISP, to the Cable modem and then to your computer, it gets the IP's from your ISP, it determines the speed you should have and it converts the signal from the Coaxial cable to something called Internet.

Can you use your iPhone to get wireless internet on your computer?

I believe it should be able to work as a modem. Verizon wireless phones do. I guess you need drivers which will allow to access the phone as a modem.

How do you connect a linksys wireless router to a Verizon modem and computer?

1. Make sure all devices are powered on. Modem should have Power light on. 2. Plug DSL phone line in from wall jack to modem. Modem should now have DSL light on (first with slow blink, then fast blink, then steady). 3. Plug Ethernet cable into modem, then into internet port (the one by itself) on the router. Modem should not have Ethernet light on, Router will have internet light on. 4. Type in a browser window. User name is blank, password is admin. 5. Under internet connection type, change to PPPoE 6. Enter your Verizon user name and password. Make sure "Keep alive" is checked. 7. Save settings. You should be online.

How does the modem help with the Internet?

Without the modem you can not connect to the internet.

What does Ps2 connect with on a computer?

Ethercable which goes for just about everything that needs a wired connection for the internet. You connect the cable to the ps2 and a modem(whcih you should have if you have internet). -

Can a wrt54g2 router get internet without any additional devices?

In order for you to have internet, the router should be connected to a cable modem or another switch or wireless router which already have internet access.

How do you install modem in Ubuntu Linux?

You do not have to install a modem. During the installation, it automatically installs it. You do not have to use a modem. Ubuntu has a built-in internet connection system (Auto eth0). If any of the things mentioned above did not work, you should try to install synaptic. You should connect and Install your modem hardware on your Windows / Mac before installing Ubuntu. In that way, you can be sure that it will work. If the modem does not work after the installation, you must setup the modem on Ubuntu manually

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