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Should a boy be a certain age before doing any weight training?

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Yes this is very VITAL for future muscle development. I and others recommend 13 as a good age to start lifting, depending on what body type you are will determine the weight you should be lifting. After lifting to grow the muscle i would recommend muscle milk, or other types of protein shakes to build the muscles and repair them as well.

2011-02-19 06:30:34
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Is cardio more effective before or after weight training?

Cardio should be done after weight training because if it is done before weight training the individual will become fatigued. It is better to weight train without being too fatigued in order to work harder and receive superior results. If your question refers to which way burns more calories cardio should be done after because weight training burns calories as well, and as explained before cardio done before will cause one to perform poorly when weight training.

Should you do speed training before weight training?

The simple answer to the question is yes you can but it depends. Typically you should not do speed training before weights primarily because speed training should be done when you fresh (not fatigued) Doing weighs before will tire you. However, there is a training effect called "Potentiation" which basically mean that if you excite your muscles through weight training before you do a sprinting effort your muscle will produce more power than without the stimulation - more force means that you will run faster. Of course care has to taken with how heavy the weight is and the volume of the session.

How should weight training often start?

Before you start weight training it is always important to stretch so you do not pull any muscles while working out.

What should you eat before weight training - eggs or whey protein?


Should you run before weight training?

No. Running before your weight training routine can exhaust you of all your energy and you may not be able to workout to your fullest capabilities. If you want to run, then you can push the running to past the weight training workout. This way you can both workout in best form and run.

What should you eat before weight training?

I recommend a high-protein diet. But don't eat right before training an hour or two prior would be better.

Should you consult with a doctor before you begin weight training?

Yes its importnat to get a physical first

How many times a week should you engage in weight training to build muscles?

it really depends on your body weight/type. you should discuss this with your local physician or practitioner before you begin any training scheme. good luck :)

Why is weight training good for your bones?

/This answer will need to be improved/ Before puberty starts, weight training is terrible for your bones.

What is the difference between weight training for strength and circuit weight training?

Circuit training usually involves a series of complex movements that are geared toward a certain task, such as playing sports. Regular weight training is meant to work a certain, more specific muscle group for its own sake, rather than to a greater end.

Can you do cardio about an hour before weight training?

There are many documented studies which show that aerobic activity before weight training decreases strength for that weight training session. I would do aerobics after weights. It all depends on what you focus is, weights or aerobics.

Does weight training stunt your growth?

Weight training will not stunt your growth. However, that does not mean that it is advisable before the age of about 16.

What should you do before and after weight training?

The single most important thing you can do before exercising is stretching. If you do not properly stretch, you will not get the full benefit of your workout, unless your goal is to get injured. Always stretch before and after any strenuous activity for at least 15 minutes if possible.Previous Contributors Have Said:You should get plenty to eat. An hour or so prior to weight training (if possible, its hard to do if you weight train early in the morning), you should have a high energy snack. Within two hours after weight training your body needs to be replenished with protein and good carbs. And of course, when weight training or doing any exercise regiment, you need to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

What should I know before buying training equipment?

Before you buy training equipment you should know what your goals are. If you're looking to lose weight and increase cardiovascular health then you might want a treadmill or elliptical machine. If you're looking to build muscle on the other hand then you might want weight lifting equipment.

Is a weighted vest effective for quicker weight loss?

These vests are like are like any kind of weight training and you should consult a doctor before beginning to use them. Once you are cleared to use the vest, you should begin slowly and add weight over time. The addition of weight training helps build muscle, which burns more calories and enhances weight loss.

Should you eat a Snickers bar to be strong for weight lifting?

no! drink a pre workout drink 1 hour before training

What type of weight training should be done for runners?

Cardio and good training for legs.

How old should a girl be before starting weight training?

I've always read that both girls and boys should be pretty much fully grown before doing any serious weight training because otherwise you could damage the growing bones and stuff. Doing really light weight training is probably different, like working out with 3 pound weights (for girls) or 5 lbs. for boys or something. I think the more intense weight work is better started later.

What is the suggested age to begin weight training?

I would say 17 or so before getting serious about training.

What kind of excersises should i do to get really strong and lose weight at the same time?

weight training

How does weight training differ from weight lifting?

Weight training is the science of using weights (or another form of external resistance) in order to train your body to perform a certain task with better ease, efficiency, or technique. This broad category includes simple ankle weights worn while jogging, all the way up to half-ton leg presses. Weight lifting (i.e. bodybuilding) is a subset of weight training. It specifically identifies the discipline of weight training for the purpose of building larger, stronger, or more well-defined muscles. This is in contrast to weight training, which includes those things, plus weight loss, balance, flexibility, and certain athletic skills.

What type of weight training should runners do?

Runners should focus their weight training on the legs. Leg curls, leg lifts, and exercises for the calf muscles are going to give you the best results.

Is calisthenics exercises better than weight training exercises?

Depends if you are focusing on a certain area of the body

How should a 13 year old girl lose weight Im 13 5'3 and 119-121?

Your weight is correct for your height. You should not try to lose weight - you can do some strength training to tone up, but your weight is exactly where you want it to be. Your weight is correct for your height. You should not try to lose weight - you can do some strength training to tone up, but your weight is exactly where you want it to be.

Why must you complete a fitness test before weight training?

You must first gauge your current fitness levels and abilities before engaging in weight training, because it will minimize the risk of overtraining and possibly injury, as well as help prevent using too light of a weight that renders your efforts ineffective. Proper weight training always begins with knowing where you are and where you want to be.