Should a girl be conscious about large natural breasts if they are round but droop downwards slightly although her boyfriend loves them and how can she make them firmer and lose weight?


There are worse things in this world hon then large breasts that droop downwards. If your boyfriend thinks they are beautiful then they are! It's time to get busy and quit picking yourself apart for I'm sure you look very attractive.

Put body image into perspective. So what if you have larger breasts or small breasts. What about the women that would give anything never to have had breast cancer and may only have one breast or both breasts gone. Your problem doesn't sound so great now I bet.


If your boyfriend loves them then they're okay, plus it's what's on the inside that counts. Marcy's right there are much more serious problems. talk to your boyfriend, he can probably give you better advice.

about being firmer, wear padded bras.