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Usually guys still do have feelings after they break up with you.


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you should talk to him.ask him about your feelings for each other.................tell him that he should forget about his ex--.....................

sleep with new guy to make old guy jealous (and make new guy happy)

she should accept the reaction of the guy, because first of all he may still be in shock at the time the girl confesses her feelings. she must also give space for the guy to analyze and acknowledge his own feelings

He probably has mixed feelings and doesn't really know what he should be doing, which is a very common problem.AnswerIt seems that he has feelings for you.

Yuo are the rebound . If he still has feelings for his ex you are definatley the rebound .

It means that he wants to know whether or not you still have feelings for him. If he seems hopeful when he asks, he's either narcissistic or he has feelings for you, too.

yes a man should always care for a woman's feelings, that is right that woman fall in love with man who dont seem to care for them but still man should respect woman's feelings...

It means you are unsure and should take a break from him and sort out your feelings.

Hi there! There isn’t just one answer for this because every nature of relationship could be quite different. In most cases women would have UN resolved feelings for a guy that ended the relationship because our ego has been hurt! Or if this was a guy we could haveseen a future with or answered our needs...but in other cases the woman can end a relationship with a guy and find herself having still feelings towards him depending on the reason of breaking up! Or not have any more feelings and move on too.. Sometimes a woman can end a relationship with a guy and later realizing she may have deep feelings for him that she didn’t know before...sometimes a women can end a relationship because of in the end of the day its her decision but she might still hold feelings toward the guy... Hope this give u a good answer!..

A person can tell that a guy has feelings for you or that he loves you by the way he treats you. He should be affectionate and caring whenever possible.

just go flirt with tons of guys you like but dont flirt with the guy you have feelings for cuz then u will get way more

ask her outor go out in secretor talk to the other boyfind the other boy a girlfriendjust go out if you dont like himTHREESOME ;) jokes :P

just tell the guy your sorry and that you dont like him or her but say it nice and tell him that you're still his friend.

You should still hang out with her, but not as much maybe. She's still your friend though, but if your feelings feel hurt, then just don't go along that much.

The guy still likes you but he is just too shy to share his feelings. Maybe the personhe likes has a crush on someone else he cant share his feelings.

More than likely. Because if he did not have feelings for her anymore then he would not be asking about her.

well, it depends see if the guy u still like has feelings for u to, and so if u don't like ur boyfriend that much and u like this guy more go dump your bf that's what i would to

she most likely has strong feelings towards this guy and if this guy has strong feelings towards her he should express it to her in a way that is appropiate but if the guy is not feeling the same way he needs to let her know that they can be friends so she does not get led on and have her feelings hurt or her heart broke

You should sit down and talk and talk about your feelings but the guy should go first !

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