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it shuldnt be a problem in the work place.

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Q: Should an employee be sent home because he is Transvestism and changed his hair color?
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Why we should select you as our company employee?

You should select someone as a company employee because they exhibit the skills you need. You should also look for a positive personality.

Things that should not be changed in America?

nothing should be changed because America is an awesome state

Can an employee be fired just because their boss and spouse got into an argument?

An employee should not be fired for this reason. However, because most employment is at-will, an employer can fire an employee without having to give a reason.

What should be Message from hr for the employee?

what should be message form hr for the employee

To make it work employee a code you should be changed to email or type employee the code on stardoll?

There is NO employee code- other people make that up just so they can scam people. Stardoll edits their own sites and USERS which means they edit a user as an employee or not. Hope I helped- kiki7324 on stardoll

Were do you put the stardoll employee code?

It was said that you should put it through your "change password" bar. But you shouldn't do that because there is no such thing as the Stardoll Employee code.

Why school hours should not be changed?

An argument can be made that school hours should not be changed because of sports practice and other after school activities.

Should governments be changed just because you don't agree with their policies?


How do you help an employee who always breaches company policies?

There are a number of hypotheses which can be made about this employee who always breaches company policies. 1. He doesn't know what the policies are. He should be instructed in them. 2. He knows what the policies are but feels no obligation to comply with them. He should be informed of the consequences of his continued non-compliance. 3. He disagrees with the policies because they are foolish and impractical. Perhaps the policies need to be changed.

What happens to a supervisor who employee said he has harrased him because of the supervisor asking the employee for money?

This is an ethics problem and the supervisor should be reported to the Human Resource Department. Supervisor should be reported to the Human Resource Manager.

Should you allow an employee to resign in leu of termination?

It is kind to allow an employee to resign because they won't have a termination on their record. However, it is up to the HR department or individual what they choose to do.

What should a welcome memo for a new employee be like?

A welcome memo for a new employee should be very encouraging. You should also let the employee how everyone is excited that they are now working for the company.

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