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Should children come before or after marriage?

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will for my view if you guys love each and you are pregnant and you are getting married for sure it dont matter if the baby comes before the marriege but you should make sure you that you are getting married before thinking about a kid you dont wanna have kid and then have your men leave you hanging cause then he dont want the kid but it dont reallyy matter cause if you love each for real then it dont matter what comes first


Well i believe you should be married and have a good job and have all your priority's straightened out before you decide to have a family

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Differences between traditional and modern values on sex and marriage?

Some traditional views state that sex should come only after marriage, no exceptions. Having sex before marriage was considered dishonorable. More modern views state that "safe sex" is okay before marriage.

Where does a divorce come before marriage?

Twilight Zone?

Should love come before or after marriage?

Love is the foundation for everything. You can't marry a person if you don't love him although in some countries there are chances that a person is set up for an arrange marriage and eventually these couples develop love but definitely love comes first before marriage. Before you marry, you fall in love. But real love doesn't happen until you marry. It shouldn't happen before! Love should come first if you married someone before love came that would be the craziest thing a person can ever do. SO LOVE SHOULD COME FIRST! I would say love comes first because then you would know that you truly love her/him, and that you love her enough to marry her. But then once your married you should always love her/him after that. So I would say that love starts before marriage but then should never end! _____________________________________________________________ The answer is obvious, love should most definitely come first, you need a foundation to start a marriage that will be successful, if you do not love someone, why would you consider spending the rest of your life with that someone, it is important that you love the one you will spend the rest of your life with or it is pointless to marry in the first place, marriage is when two people love each other to the point they don't picture themselves with anyone else but the person there with, for the rest of there life. so it is most definite that love should come before marriage, if you want this one to work. Love should definitely come first . If you don't love each other before marriage, then how do you know it will ever happen during marriage? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love really comes first if you don't love each other than you can't get married. If you get married before you love each other then it will be a horrible marriage.

When did marriage come into existence?

Right before depression....LOL

How did Poseidon come to be?

The reason was the marriage of Cronus and Rhea which resulted in six children. Poseidon was one of them.

Where will divorce come before marriage?

You cannot get a divorce without being married first.

If you are married to a man who is selfish and cold and readily admits it and refuses to go to marriage counseling should you divorce him or stay with him for the sake of the kids?

God hates divorce. What you should do is stay married to your husband and pray for him. If you are not a christain, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. Pray! Prayer changes things. God never asked anyone to stay in a marriage that had any type of abuse and marriage is based on trust, loyalty, and RESPECT! Once children come into the marriage the children come first and it should be in the interest of these children that they are kept safe by all means and that includes divorce. I am was divorced because my first husband was abusive and am a Christian and I never fear that God would not forgive me. There is nothing to forgive for you can lead a horse to water, but not make them drink! If you have tried your very best and your partner isn't then it's best to leave for the sake of the children.

Should quotations be before or after a symbol?

Quotation marks should come before and after a symbol.

What are the pros and cons of non legal marriage separation?

Honestly in my opinion I think that the cons of non legal marriage separation is that your children (if you have any) should come first.. if you separate and are not marriage that can mess up a child's life... The pro that comes with non legal marriage separation is if you husband/wife did something like drink, smoke, cheater, or other problems that may arise..then that would be a good reason to break up with them..but first try to fix the relationship before you do any major changes.

What does it mean to have issues with a marriage partner?

To have issue means children. If they had issues it means they had kids. Which I think anyone with children knows, they come with all kinds of issues. Lol

How do you tell a man he's not leaving his kids but leaving his wife?

Children should always come first when a married couple is having problems. They either seek marriage counseling and give it their best shot to save the marriage for the sake of their children. If one or both couples refuse then the father is leaving his children and it's difficult for them as often children feel they are to blame for their parents splitting up. Yes, he is leaving his wife as well, but wives are stronger than they think and if the marriage doesn't work out most wives are able to have other relationships in their lives just as their husbands can do.

You left your marriage for another man should you go back and give marriage another try?

You must have had a reason why you left your husband. If those problems are not solved, you will face the same problems when you go back. The other thing is: how will your husband treat you when you come back? I would recommend you a marriage counseling before you move back to your husband.

How can a person ask your boyfriend that she wants a baby?

Children are a wonderful thing. but, they should not come into this world unless your in a solid relationship, grounded by marriage. both of you need to be ready, financialy as well as metally. So, wrap it up.

What punctuation should come before including?

the answer is 0.

When husband is very frosted with wife's behavior what she should do for save her marriage?

communication should be your first step, find out what's wrong. From there, you and he are going to have to come up with something together that can save the marriage. Best of luck

What should you expect if your wife is filing for divorce in Florida and you have two children?

You should expect your wife to have her own lawyer.

Should children come to school with molluscum?

Yes, children should continue to attend school or day care with molluscum. Lesions should be covered if they aren't covered by clothes.

Is divorce bad for children?

Very tricky answer. It depends on the circumstances. I am married to a divorcee with children. His marriage ended in an amicable way. Ask yourself the following; Is it more detremental to the children being bought up in an up happy house with together parents, or spereratly, but happy. Children adapt quickly, as long as you and your spouse can be grown up about it, then the kids should come out of it fairly unscathed.

How long should you live with someone and have a good relationship before the SUBJECT of marriage should come up?

u can really time love like that usually if you're a christian its after a year but if it just legally then it could be anytime. If you love them then time doesnt matter

If you marry man with back taxes and he dies before its paid off?

They are his bills not yours. He had the problem before you were married and what you come into a marriage with bills and personal items are all his .

Your husband and you have just purchased a condo in Pigeon Forge TN and he has 7 children from a previous marriage If he wills the condo to you can they come in and take it away from you?

Not if they are adults.

How do you propose on the sims 2?

Make sure they have a high relationship first, then there should be the propose... sign click it then engagement, then, when you are ready, marriage. you HAVE to do engagement first, or the marriage one won't come.

Is the wife responsible on husband debt if incurred before marriage in mo?

No you are responsible for his debt prior to marriage. Keep in mind that each come to the marriage with their own personal credit history. You are only responsible for joint accounts. Credit obtained in both names.

What come after confirmation?

Marriage, most likely.Baptism ---> confirmation ---> marriage ---> funeral.

Is your marriage legal if you never got your marriage license?

she will come and suck the of husband