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I believe that it is inhumane first of all to abort a fetus so keeping it alive to harvest its organs is essentially lessening the value of life to a parts store. Inhumane... interesting word. To answer that we need to decide what it means. Is it inhumane to grow an aborted fetus.... Well, you need to decide whether or not the "fetus" is still human and of course it is. How could it be anything other? So, this now makes the question one of whether or not it's inhumane to grow a human being in an organ farm for the purpose of harvesting it for parts. I vote yes. Oh, another thing. Eventually, you'll have to kill the human being harvested and at that point you'll have to decide whether that constitutes murder. An ethical issue to be sure, but that aside... Such action would be illegal in the US under both state and Federal Laws and the perpetrators would be charged and prosecuted with numerous criminal felonies.

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Q: Should it be a crime for any government in the world to preserve a murdered aborted fetus to later harvest the organs when they become usable for transplant surgery?
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