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Q: Should put sand under a swimming pool?
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How often should you change the sand or add sand to a Flo Pro sand filter for a swimming pool?

The sand should last for a long time in some cases years. If you see sand in your pool in probably means it is time to change or if the pool looks cloudy that could mean sand is soft (has lost sharp edges). if you take some in your hands and rub them together it should feel very coarse if not change it

How do you level ground for a swimming pool cheaply with stuff you have at your house?


What is better to have a swimming pool sand blasted or stripped to have it replaster?

Sand blasting is not the answer to a good prep for a replaster job

And where can you perchese the sand from?

You can get swimming pool filter sand or a number of other filter media that can be used instead of sand from most pool shops. You can also get sand from under above ground pools from a builders supply or nursery.

How much sand should be installed under a 22 x 52 above ground pool?

In the instructions it says not to use sand or it voids the warranty

What do you see while swimming in a lake that you wouldn't want to see while swimming in a pool?

Fish, sand, weeds, ducks, rocks

Where does Saudi Arabia get its swimming pool filtration sand from?

This desert Nation must import its ultra-special Filtration Sand from The United States.

Your swimming pool in filter position but is still aloowing water to backwash from pool?

You may have to check the seals in the multyport on top of the sand filter.

Do you need anything under the pool liner?

Sand is normally put under the pool liner to create a smoother surface.

To fill the inside of pool steps should you use sand or water?


How much sand is needed under an 18 foot swimming pool?

You don't use sand to level the ground that the pool sits on. The sand is used on the inside of the pool, after the ground has been leveled by taking the highest point down to the lowest point after the grass has been removed. The manufacturer's usually recommend 2" of sand on the inside of the pool before the liner is installed. It sounds like you are installing a used pool, since you do not have instructions. Here is a link to some instructions that could possibly be used.

Why would the flow meter stop working on the swimming pool?

Possibly a grain of sand or debris in the flow tube.