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The involvement was to stop the spread of Communism into the whole of Southeast Asia. It failed to succeed in Vietnam but did win in the larger context. Praising the US might be a stretch, but certainly is should not be condemned for its efforts.

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Q: Should the US be praised or condemned for its involvement in the Vietnam War?
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Should the us be praised or condemmed for its involvement in the Vietiam War?

To be condemned would be to not have fought the cold war at all. Praised, for fighting the cold war, and doing it with bullets (Vietnam) when it had to.

Should the us be praised or condemned for the actions in the Battle of Khe Sanh?

Praised...but remember, it was really the B-52s that saved the day!

Who supported US involvement in Vietnam and thought that the US should do whatever was necessary to achieve victory?

President John F. Kennedy supported the United States' involvement in the Vietnam Conflict and stated that we should do whatever was necessary to achieve victory. He wanted to stop the spread of Communism and ensure freedom for Vietnam.

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The belief that the US should minimize it's involvement in foreign affairs?