Should the immigration reform bill HR 4437 become law?

First; many people who come to this country illegally, do so without understanding of the laws of this nation or the fact that laws vary from one state to the next. When illegal immigrants enter the country, they often bring their versions of the law with them. By controlling who gets into the country, we can verify that they understand our laws and understand what a privilege it is to be here. Second; once illegal immigrants arrive, they are often exploited by unscrupulous employers, who pay less than minimum wage, and in unreasonably poor work conditions. If immigrants are here legally, they can be paid a fair wage and work in far more reasonable conditions. If the assumption is that we NEED foreign workers, then we need to treat them reasonably. Many of our politicians are fully aware that employment of illegals forces the overall prices of many goods and services DOWN, by keeping wages down. When wages are unreasonably low, the competition to get prices down benefits the politicians who take credit for lowered inflation. In reality, politicians are spending taxpayer money at alarming rates and using the illegal immigrant to avoid runaway inflation. Third; when illegal immigrants are injured or are otherwise in poor health, they go to the emergency room where they are guaranteed services. While the medical system in this country is intended to provide care for a few who are unemployed or otherwise without medical insurance, the system is not intended for the overwhelming numbers that arrive, placing stress on the medical resources of hospitals. Many hospitals are being forced to close their emergency rooms or charge the paying patients many times the reasonable costs for services because they have to somehow pay for all of the indigent illegal aliens who show up, demanding services. Fourth; our school districts are being forced to educate many students who do not even speak the local language. It is effectively a second school within a school. The parents of these students often do not contribute tax dollars to the school districts to pay for the education of their students, while the students force additional strain on the system. If an intelligent immigration bill were passed, this problem could be solved without the tremendous strain on the school system. Fifth; when illegal aliens work "off the books", they do not pay taxes. The services provided by the Federal Government and by local and state agencies are being funded by deficits and by increases in taxes and costs of services. Does HR 4437 address all of these issues? Probably not. But the issues must be addressed, and perhaps this resolution would be a reasonable first step.