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Should the water heater be turned off if the water is shut off at the meter?

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It May Be A Good Idea To Turn It Off As Long As It Remains Near Full It Would Be OK. Just Incase Turn It Off. That Way The Top Element Will Not Be In Open Air( Not Covered With Water ). Which Will Cause It To Burn Out. Also When Water Is Turned Back On. Turn On The Hotwater & Let It Run To Remove Any Air That Might Be Trapped In Tank. Then Turn It Back On.

2006-09-06 06:47:58
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Q: Should the water heater be turned off if the water is shut off at the meter?
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If the water is turned off at water meter will hot water tank burn up?

Not normally - without the water flowing from the meter, water cannot be consumed within the home, so the level inside the water heater will remain as it was before the water meter was turned off. It is common sense to remove power or shut off the gas to the water heater when another utility is shut down.

Why does the water keep running in the tub and washing machine when the water meter is off?

it could be from the hot water heater if it's not turned off. hot water expands pushing out more water when cool the heater can suck in air to fill the voide.

Should you shut off your water when on vacationduring the winter months?

Yes, shut off water to entire residence if residence totally dependent on electric, including heat. If residence heated by hot water or steam heating system, water needs to be ON to boiler for heating system. Anything else that has water going to it can be turned off if it has a separate valve for it. Electric water heater should have power turned off and gas water heater should have gas turned off. Outside hydrant hoses should be disconnected.

Why is there no water coming out of any hot water faucet?

There should be two valves on or near the top of your water heater. One is for the inlet (cold water) into the heater the other is for the outlet (hot water) out of the heater to your house. They must both be open ( turned to the left or counter clockwise).

How do you turn off the water supply?

There should be a shutoff at the wall where the water line enters the house. There may be one before the water heater or there will be one at the water meter.

How to shut off the water to the house?

Should be a shut off valve in the basement closest to the street or if on a slab, by the water heater. If neither, there is one at the water meter.

Can hot water from hot water heater back up all the way to the cities meter?

Not unless the water line is cut on the cities side of the meter. Even that is doubtful because the meter should be one way and not allow house water to get back to the main line.

What size gas meter do you need on your house if I am installing a tankless hot water heater?

Standard meter will suffice, need to know pressure from meter to house. Size pipe appropriately for gas pressure coming into house X distance to water heater. Gas company or plumber should be able to help with this calculation.

Would water heater lite if gas was turned off?


How do you find the water inlet when your house is on pier and beam?

It is probably right next to the water heater. There should be a shutoff at the floor, if not then at the meter is the most likely shutoff.

What to do when a water heater fails?

Turn off electric to water heater, depending on style, gas water heater may need electric turned off to it also. Turn off gas for gas water heater. If unfamiliar with removing and installing water heater, call a plumber.

How do you tell if your water heater is 110 or 240?

There usually is a label on the hot water heater that will tell you if it is 220 or 110. If there is no label locate where the wires connect to the hot water heater. Take a volt meter and test the voltage. Make sure the volt meter is on VAC setting and not VDC.

How do you drain your hot water heater?

Depending on what type of water heater you have there should be a plug or valve at the base of the water heater

Do you need to shut off your hot water heater when swapping out copper pipes in a bathroom remodel?

Water heaters should be turned off, with the gas or electric to them turned off as well, when replacing any hot water lines. This would also be a good time to drain the tank and remove any built up water scale. This makes your heater more efficient.

How much should a plumber charge to install a water heater?

How much should a plumber charge to install a water heater?e...

Should the vent on a gas water heater be hot?

if its not a forced air water heater then yes its should be hot but not red hot.

Will your tank lose water?

Yes, as the day goes by and the heater and as well as the light are turned on they make the water "disappear".

Why is the water so hot it cant be used at all?

Because the water heater is turned up too high.

Can a hot water heater freeze in below 0 temps?

Only if the hot water breaker is turned off.

Why do you have to turn on two faucets for one to get hot water?

If you have an instantaneous hot water heater, and your faucet doesn't flow enough water it won't turn on the water heater. Thus requiring another faucet to be turned on.

Why do some have hot water?

Hot water in homes is produced by a device called a water heater. A water heater can be compared to a pot of boiling water. The enclosure keeps water hot throughout the day so that when the faucet is turned on, there will be an immediate flow of hot water. The people who have hot water have invested in a water heater.

Why would a faucet have high water pressure when first turned on and then quickly slow down?

Generally this is caused by pressure being built up from the water getting hot in the hot water heater. By code you should have a hot water heater expansion tank on the cold water inlet of the water heater to absorb the added pressure. If this is your problem, the excessive pressure could possibly burst your water heater. The faucet stem or cartridge or washer may be loose or moving and blocking flow.

Hot water heater pilot light works heater wont light?

Have you turned the control from Pilot to On? Have you increased the temperature setting?

What should temperature be for hot water on water heater?


Why would a 1999 Jeep Wrangler have a grass or leafy odor when the heater is turned on at times?

mostlikely the jeeps been off road and mud and grass, or muddy water got to your heater core area,letting the smell airgate through out your heater when turned on.