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I would be concerned. This person is probably on a rebound relationship. I've heard its a good idea for people who've divirced to take a while off from dating. This person is probably not ready for another marriage is rushing into it prematurely. It might be in both of oyur best interests to wait.

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If you married someone with an expired visa?

Sounds like you married someone, their visa expired, and ya , you have reason to be concerned. That is my opinion.

Who did Sade marry?

A film-director. She also divorced. She is now with someone else, but not married.

How do you find out if someone is married in another country?

Some countries have listed married individuals on their local government website. You can also ask someone who knows the person concerned.

In the state of Illinois can a married man not yet divorced apply for a marriage license with someone else?


Is ferb adpoted?

No, he isn't. See, Linda married someone before and has Phineas & Candace, but then she divorced him and married Ferb's dad (who was also married before and had Ferb).

If someone is married and marries again before they are divorced is the second marriage legal?

No, it is not legal. It is considered bigamy.

Is chris with someone else besides Selena Perez?

He was married to Vanessa Villanueva Perez but they got a divorced.

How are Elizabeth Taylor Natalie Wood and Melanie griffith connected?

They all divorced someone and then married him again

Do you need to get a divorce if you marry someone who is already married?

You cannot marry someone who is already married - that's called Bigamy ! Assuming YOU are single - THEY would have to get divorced from THEIR spouse BEFORE they could marry you !

Husband gets marries knowing he is still married to someone in another country is this marriage to the person he married in another country legal in the eyes of the law in the US?

He married in another state and didn't know he was still legally married to someone else

Wife gets married knowing she is still married to someone in Alabama is it legal?

No. The second marriage would not be legal, and the wife has committed the crime of bigamy.

How can a Syrian man married a filipina in turkey?

There is no problem in marrying someone of different country as far as you not concerned about this difference.

Can someone clearly answer and support whether Ben Burnley is married or not because I've read both yes and no answers to this question?

he is not married but he does have a girlfriend

Can you move in with your boyfriend after you are divorced?

Yes. However, if you have children, you may not be able to have them in a home where you live with someone you are romantically involved with but not married to.

How do you fix your paperwork if you are married to someone who is already married?

In most places your marriage would be annulled, and you would have to wait for that person to be legally divorced before you could remarry..

Are any of the members of apocalyptica gay?

Two are married with children and one was married for a short time. He is now divorced and I believe dating someone new. The fourth member is dating someone as well. None of them are gay though.

Is WWE's Batista married to someone in the WWE business?

No, he is married to a girl named angie September 17, 2008 Batista is no longer married to Angie, they divorced a year ago. He is currently dating Melina

If I got married to my husband and he has already been married but not divorced is my marriage valid?

no, someone who is married to more than one person is a bigamist. In order for a marriage to be valid, both parties must be unmarried.

Does ms mean married and divorced and miss before you marry?

Miss-for maids, i.e. not married; Mrs - for married women; Ms - when you write a letter or call someone but you don't know whether she is married or not and don't want to be impolite.

What does divorced mean?

devorsed means when a married couple no longer like each other and they get devorsed so they can marry someone else.

Is Sade marryed?

She married Carlos Scola in 1989 and divorced him in 1994, she has since lived with someone else and had a child, not sure if she remarried.

How does a married immigrant get divorced and marry someone else?

An immigrant gets divorced and remarried in the same manner that anyone does: by filing a divorce in the appropriate Court and following the Court process to obtain a decree of divorce, and then by having the marriage performed by someone authorized to do so.

Can a divorced daughter of a Cohen marry a divorced man under the chuppah?

I am not a Jewish law decider but I will say what I think is true: 1. The chuppah is irrelevant - if they can get married they can get married anywhere and if they cant get married they cannot get married anywhere. 2. The restrictions of who a Cohen can marry only apply to a male Cohen, not female. Thus she can marry a divorced man and may they be blessed with children and happiness, and may all people find someone to live out their days happily with.

Who is Will Smith's first wife?

Will Smith's first wife was Sheree Smith. He married her May 9, 1992- December 10 1995(divorced) Then Will got re-married to someone else.

Can you be forced to be divorced?

If you're in the US, a judge will not force someone to stay married to you if they don't want to be married to you, so basically, yes...the court can and will grant a divorce rather you're in agreement with it or not.