Should you be worried if you've always had a very small non-painful lump on the back of your head and now that you are pregnant the lump has grown big and now it hurts and what could it be?

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It's possible that it could be a lymph node in an odd location. My little sister had a lump on her head when she was born and it turned out to be a lymph node. We were told it may become swollen when she's sick, just like any other lymph node. Lymph nodes can become infected and pregnancy appears to increase the possibility. You should see a doctor.
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What could a small lump be on the back of the neck and ear?

Answer \n. \nA lymph node.\n. \nSometimes (thou rarely) a lump behind the lower part of the ear can be a cyst or a tumor of the parotid gland. Again this is rare and shows up mostly in men above the age of 50, but I had one and I was 28. I would get it checked out by an Ear nose and throat docto ( Full Answer )

What could be wrong if you have had small movable lumps on the left side of your neck for about a year now with no other symptoms?

Answer . hi, ive the same thing had them ever since i can remember (years) went to doctors but he sed nothing to wory about mine havent changed in size or shape feels like gristle.. Answer . I have always had these too. I point them out every few years or when I change doctors. They all seem ( Full Answer )

What are lumps on the back of the head that cause constant pain and sharp shooting pains in back of the head if you've had this problem for over 2 years and now also have dizziness and balance problem?

Lumps on the back of the head could be from many things. A traumato the head for instance can cause bumps. Head trauma should not beplayed around with. There could be something seriously wrong andwithout certain tests, you may not really know for sure. If notrauma was done, It would be best to still ( Full Answer )

What's wrong if your 6-year-old son has a small painless lump on his neck which started as a small pimple but is now looking very obvious and there's no pain or discomfort when you touch or press it?

Dear Dr. B, Thanks so much for your prompt reply...Infact we have been recommended by our Paediatrician to take the opinion of a Surgeon. We have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow i.e. 30th Nov'05 at (India time)....will write to you once I am back. Thankx once again. Rekha It's hard to ( Full Answer )

What is a lump on the back of the head?

Dandruff can cause swollen lymph nodes . \nI've searched this for weeks because my 12 year old son has the same thing in the occipital region of his scalp. What I've read is that dandruff or seborrhea, ringworm or a bug bite can cause the lymph nodes in that area to swell. At age 12 ish, the lym ( Full Answer )

What could a small painless lump be on your lower back?

Answer . Any lump (painless or not) is cause for concern. I would get it checked out, it may be nothing....but it could be something serious, you should get it checked early.\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt could be something as innocous as harmless skin lump or it could be something more, go to th ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you have several lumps from your left temple to your neck to the back of your ear that are very painful after hitting your head hard on a shelf a week before?

Answer . Subluxation could be the cause. It is very important that you visit a Chiropractor to assess the problem. You can get x-rays and a detailed physical of your nervous system, spine, and overall health. Any injury can cause your spine to misalign.\n. \nA subluxation is when your spine is ( Full Answer )

What is a lump on the back of your head?

Answer . \nCould be anything from lymphoma(uncurable lymph node tumor),a harmless cyst or a lethal skin tumor on the scalp.Try searhing for websites that show tumor symptoms.God bless you.

Should you be worried if you hit your head and now have a small lump on the side of your forehead?

Answer . No.. When a person gets a hard enough "bonk" swelling will result. It is always a good sign if you get knocked pretty hard that you have a bump, because that is an obvious way of telling that your head is healing.... If you have sight problems (blurry vision) nausea and/or vomiting, di ( Full Answer )

Small hard lump on the left side of your head a little above your ear It does not hurt when you touch it It has been there for a few years Should you be concerned?

I have a small lump on each side of my head behind my ear a bit but they can move. I went to see a doctor and he said this could be an effect from getting a sickness you know swollen limphnotes. He said to keep checking on them and if they grow or spread then there may be concerns. So I would go get ( Full Answer )

Could stress cause painless lumps on back of your head?

Yes. This is quite common. The condition is called lymphadenopathy, and it means that you have swollen lymph nodes. The lumps could be anywhere on your neck, back or occasionally on your cheek. These are most commonly caused by stress and will generally go away by themselves in a few hours or a few ( Full Answer )

What could a lump in the small of the back be?

Probably a Lipoma . If the lump moves easily, it is most likely a benign fatty-tissue structure called a lipoma . These are common in the lumbar region myofascial tissues, and often are not treated.. If the lump is painful and/or does not move easily, I would get a medical evaluation to rule ( Full Answer )

Painful hard lump behind ear which hurts when you touch it should you be worried?

It probably is a swollen lymph node, which could be from a range of things. If you have a thyroid problem it could be from that, it could just be an infection and it could just be allergies as well. Here are some of the things that the swollen lymph node could be from: . common cold . infection ( Full Answer )

Lump behind your head What could it be?

Just like you, I have a lump behind my head. What could it be? I have had it for about 5 weeks. The first day when I got it every time i touched it, it would hurt. It doesn't hurt anymore. When it hurt everytime I moved I got a headacke and my chest hurt. The bump is still there. What could it possi ( Full Answer )

Lump middle back of head?

some people have protrusions at the back of the occipital bone and this is often completely normal (External Occipital Protruberance). This would be in the middle of the back of your skull and usually no bigger than about 1-2 cm in diameter, but some are larger. I was worrying myself sick but my doc ( Full Answer )

Painful lump on back right side of head?

A painful lump on the side of the head could be a cyst, pulledmuscle, or more serious condition. It is best to get it checked outby a physician.

You discovered a hard lump on the left side of your skull on the back of your head you have headaches and lightheadedness The lump is painful if you push on it What could this be?

The lump and the other symptoms may or may not be connected. It is a good idea to check in with a doctor to be sure. Try ice in a towel to relieve the swelling in the meantime. If you were knocked out when you received the bump on your head, you should be checked and observed for a concussion.

Have a small peas size lump on head now its bigger what should i do?

This could be a harmless sebaceous cyst which can grow very large. Often there will be more than one of them, and there may be a family tendency to getting them. You could get it checked with your doctor as it is difficult to say without knowing more, and you may want it removed as it will keep incr ( Full Answer )

What could a lump on a cats head be?

It could mean that he fell off the couch and bumped his head. Or itcould be an insect bite that swelled. Take the cat to the vet andlearn what it is for sure.

Hard clear lump on my back it started as a small white spot under the skin but now several weeks later it has grown it is now clear it's on the side of tattoo that i had done6mnths ago any idea?

OK I'm not a doctor or health care professional but it sounds to me like a cyst. You can go to your doctor and get antibiotics but don't mess around with it as you could end up getting it infected. I'd guess it's just a coincidence that it's where your tattoo's been done. hope this helps:0)

What can it be when you have a bigish lump on the back of your head and gives you very bad pains?

Go to the doctor, that could be serious! It could just be a benigntumor, or it could be a "pump knot" from an injury. Or it could bemuch worse than either of those. Even if it is the less seriousones, they might still need medical intervention. Benign tumors canbe removed if necessary, such as when ( Full Answer )

Sore lump on the back of your head?

If you have a sore lump on the back of your head, you may have hityou head on something. If you blacked out, you need to seek medicalattention.

If you had a big lump on the back of your head should you be worried?

Anyone with this symptom should be concerned and not worried. The concern should be translated into action , like seeking the consultation of an appropriate medical care provider. This individual should be seen without a lot of delay, and you would be best advised to write down when you first not ( Full Answer )

What is a small lump in back accompanied by lower back pain?

We have no way of diagnosing medical problems over the Internet, nor does anyone else. Since it could be something serious, we suggest that you speak to a physician about it. A chiropractor might be able to tell you, as well.

I have had a very hard lump on the right upper forehead for 6 years - is it dangeous because now I constantly feel dizzy could this be caused by this lump?

Dizzyness in adults may be a symptom of a number of underlying conditions, some potentially very serious or life threatening. Without knowing more of your symptoms it may be very hard to make a specific diagnosis however the following advice is given by the NHS on when to seek emergency treatment: ( Full Answer )

Sore lump on the back of your head which is giving you a headache and a bit of dizziness should you be worried?

Yes. You may have a concussion. You will need to consult with a medical professional. Of perhaps more concern is precisely how you got such a lump on the back of your head. For that concern, consultation with local law enforcement authorities may be appropriate - in the specific case that you believ ( Full Answer )

What could cause a sudden big lump on my cat's head?

There could be many reasons why a big lump has appeared on yourcats head. The cat may of got hit in the head or developed a cyst.A vet can help you find out what is wrong with the cat.

What should i do as daughter banged her head and now a large lump has come on side of her head?

if the injury is really serious the best course of action is the hospital!! the best way to know if it's a serious in jury is to see if see has some symptoms of a concussion. If not then use R.I.C.E rest ice compress elevate. have her take it easy for a while. use and ice pack (or my favorite a bag ( Full Answer )

Is a small hard lump on the back of your head normal?

A small hard lump on the back of your head is not normal for you if it was not there before. You may have hit your head, or it may be an inflamed lymph node. Seek the help of a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment.