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AnswerI don't blame you for wanting some kind of revenge on your boyfriend and this woman, but is showing your hurt and anger to these two publicly going to make you feel better in the long run? Are either of them really worth the trouble, especially if things get physical or the police get involved?

The best revenge is dumping your bf and moving on with your life. Their own stupid actions will screw up their lives for them.

AnswerWhat's to be gained in confronting her? The problem in between you and your partner. She was just a tool he used to express his insecurity and direspect. She may not have even known he was spoken for.

Every woman in this situation wasnt to express their anger at being hurt so badly, and the "other woman" is an obvious choice. However, it usually ends up causing more trouble than not. She could have been anybody; concentrate your efforts on your partner and what healing might be done.


Having unknowingly been the other woman several times as well as the person cheated on, and knowing several who have had their lives ruined by such a situation, i wholeheartedly say NOOO! The relationship is between you and your partner, as above, she is indeed just as much of a victim sometimes of getting involved with a man who is already spoken for. He is the one who has broken your trust and disrespected you.

The only exception to this rule is if the other woman is a friend of yours. In that situation all bets are off and you should feel it is appropriate to say something.

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Q: Should you confront the woman your boyfriend cheated on you with and if so what do you say?
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Should you confront the woman your husband cheated on you with?

OF CORSE! dont let him cheat on her any longer. go ahead and tell her ;]

Should you meet the woman your boyfriend cheated on you with?

No, it is not a good idea to meet the woman your boyfriend cheated with. It is your boyfriend who either instigated cheating or he was talked into dating by the other girl and he could have formed the word 'no' and this makes him 100% responsible for cheating on you. Let your boyfriend know you do not put up with cheating and refuse to share any boyfriend with another woman. If he doesn't take the hint then get rid of him.

If a woman was extremely drunk and cheated on her boyfriend does it count as intended infidelity?

Sure does. She did it and she knew she was doing it, no matter if drunk or not.

My boyfriend has a passion mark on his neck from another woman what should i do?

hickey ? well if so dump him . if he has a relationship out of a relationship he cheated . it takes two people to do most of the sexual things

Should you confront the woman your boyfriend cheated on you with if she's someone you know?

only if you want more conflict. walk away from both of them, show them no worries on your end. if he loves and wants to reconcile he'll run back pleeing for forgiveness. Then you just toy with his emotions for awhile and if that's what you want back then you can decide it. But don't let them destroy you

Story based on a woman who changes her apartment after finding her boyfriend has cheated on her.then she finds a perfect new apartment and shares it with a woman who works as a nurse.?

single white female

Should a wife being cheated on by her husband with a married woman tell the married woman's husband?

No. Snitches lie in ditches.

Should you contact the woman he cheated with?

You can but that might start problems but you could let her know that what she did was not right (if she knew about you)

Is it healthy for boyfriend to be friends with the woman he cheated with?

im my experience, no it is not healthy. there is already an attraction there that was uncovered and the chance of that being revisited is very high. every time I've seen this situation, the relationship ends because the boyfriend eventually cheats with the same woman again or just leaves his girlfriend for that woman.

What if your boyfriend has met another woman on holiday and thinks you don't know what should you do?

You are going to have to confront him with it sooner or later. it is not bound to go away by itself. The question is-did he do anything inappropriate & if so can you still trust or have enough invested in your relationship to try.

Should a married woman accept a gift from her ex boyfriend?


My boyfriend cheated on he's ex when he was with her they broke up because she cheated on him with a younger man He nearly cheated on me once will he do it to me again?

Your boyfriend is ego maniacal and selfish! He cheated on his ex and she hit the bottom of the barrel along with him by cheating on him. This is not a way to resolve such problems. Your boyfriend has had things his way far too long and you have the power to control this situation. Talk to your boyfriend and communicate to him that you will not put up with cheating like his ex had to put up with it and if he continues you will end the relationship. If you don't ask for respect or show you are your own woman then you can't expect others to respect you. He isn't the only fish in the sea. You deserve better!

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