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It is a personal preference, however, guests are never required to bring a gift and shouldn't be expected to the second time around (especially if they gave you a gift the first time).


This can be a tricky one in this day and age. On one hand it seems awful greedy to register a second time, but there are often many circumstances as well. Take me for example. I got married quick and young. We registered and got some of the things we registered for. nearly 5 years later we have been divorced and me and my childrne were left with NOTHING, not even a single utensil from our gifts let alone half o the things I had pre-marraige. I had to start completely over from scratch and am looking at the possibility of a second marriage. this would be my boyfriends first marraige and since most people know the circumstances of my divorce they know i have nothing left due to no fault of my own. One it wouldn't seem fair to the new groom that he couldn't get that experience because i was stupid enough to marry the wrong man first, and two, if your guests understand your life circumstances they might still be ok with the second registry. However do NOT EXPECT gifts, that's just poor taste.

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Q: Should you do a bridal registry for a second wedding?
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Is it proper to have a bridal shower for a second wedding?

Yes it is etiquette to have a bridal shower for a second wedding.

Should your second wedding be the same as your first wedding?

No your second wedding should not e the same as your first wedding. Since you have experienced what your first wedding feels like then your second wedding should be more calm, less hectic, and more enjoyable and soothing. The second wedding should not be as long as the first and there should not be that much intricate design but dont think of the second wedding as just a party with a gathering of people.

Why is that the bride's wedding gown should be white?

It goes back to a time when it was a given that any girl was a virgin on her wedding day - white is a universal symbol of purity (also why doctors wear white). Times have changed (cough), but bridal gowns are still traditionally White, Antique White or Ivory - for a first wedding. For a second wedding or beyond, anything goes.

Suggest me a good online bridal store?

Happiness & confidence are the prettiest things you can wear on your wedding day Second prettiest would be your gown - and we've got you covered for that! Shop our exquisite collection of luxe Bridal Gowns at comfortingly modest prices. Applique Design Authentic Bridal & Occasion Wear From New York. Free Worldwide Shipping.

What are the best bridal stores in New York?

Happiness & confidence are the prettiest things you can wear on your wedding day Second prettiest would be your gown - and we've got you covered for that! Shop our exquisite collection of luxe Bridal Gowns at comfortingly modest prices. Applique Design Authentic Bridal & Occasion Wear From New York. Free Worldwide Shipping.

Who should I invite to my second wedding?

It is not poor etiquette to invite the same relatives and friends you had at your first wedding. Many people are married a second time.

Did the Beatles play at John Lennon's wedding?

Not at either of them. His first wedding to Cynthia had just a few people (including her brother, who gave her away, and Brian Epstein), and they went from the registry office to lunch across the street. His second wedding to Yoko was on the Rock of Gibraltar, and they flew from there to Amsterdam afterwards.

Criteria for selecting second wedding bridal gowns?

Many of the same criteria for selecting first time wedding apparel apply to selecting second time bridal gowns. One of the first questions to address for take two brides is the appropriateness of wearing white for their weddings. Ever since Queen Victoria set the trend by wearing a white wedding gown in 1840, the subject has been heavily debated by encore brides and couture wedding designers alike. In today’s fashion world, there is no question as to the acceptability of wearing white bridal gowns for second weddings. White has changed over the years from a symbol of purity to a symbol of joy and celebration, making it an excellent choice for a second wedding. Second weddings also offer a larger range of colors from which to choose than first weddings, such as pastels and even different shades of ivory. Second wedding bridal gowns should optimally be compatible with the size of the wedding, the tone (formal or informal) of the ceremony and reception and the time and day. If, for example, you are planning a small, informal wedding for immediate family members and a few select friends, a tailored white or cream suit might be ideal. It would be something you could wear again and would fit with the tone and tempo of the occasion. If, on the other hand, you are planning a larger, more formal ceremony and reception, a long white bridal gown would be more appropriate. Your selection of a dress should additionally complement your personality, your personal fashion sense and your over-all lifestyle. If you are a fun, perky and outgoing type, you will not want a floor length, elegant looking dress. You will feel out of kilter and your dress will not be compatible with the overall tone that your personality sets. The one rule that does apply to second wedding ensembles is never select a blusher veil that covers the face. You can substitute a smart hat, hair jewelry, fresh flowers or a simple mantilla veil. Ribbons and lace can be tucked or woven into an updo hairstyle. Veils that cascade down the back are acceptable if they match the formality of the occasion.

Do you register for gifts for a second wedding?

You CAN , but it might seem a little greedy, unless you and your new spouse-to-be have a completely new circle of friends from any previous spouses. Also , a Bridal Registry presumes a new couple are setting up house for the first time and are in need od the basics of starting a home from scratch. This is really a personal decision , but I would simply allow your friends and family to gift you with whatever they choose .

How and When to Make Pre-Wedding Bridal Store visits?

One of the biggest thrills for the bride-to-be during the engagement period is visiting a bridal store, or maybe several if she lives in a larger city. After pouring through bridal magazines, she has an idea what type of gown she prefers; the bridal store visit is when she narrows down her choices. Many brides want the first foray into a bridal store to be a low-key visit, perhaps alone, or with just one trusted friend or a parent. The first bridal store trip is not a buying trip; the bride-to-be is merely looking at as many gowns as possible, taking notes, and pricing gowns. Since most bridal stores also carry bridesmaid’s gowns, she may want her bridesmaids to accompany her on her second or third round of bridal stores. If her bridesmaid’s will wear matching gowns, she may want to select the style herself. Input from the bridesmaids regarding color or style is bound to reflect their own preferences about this very personal decision. The Bride-to-be might create a wedding gown to-do list similar to the following: 7-9 Months prior to the wedding: Begin visiting bridal stores%E2%80%A6get ideas%E2%80%A6 Decide about such think as style and fabric Don’t even think about buying! Price gowns and think about the wedding budget 5-7 Months prior to wedding: Revisit the favorite bridal store, or stores. Try on gowns in her favorite style Try on gowns wearing the appropriate undergarments and shoes. If price is an issue, try on only gowns a predetermined price range. Bridesmaids joining her on this trip should focus on helping the bride select her gown. The bridesmaids should visit the bridal store to select their gowns during a seperate trip. 3-5 Month prior to wedding: Get all final fittings for bride and bridesmaids. Select all accessories, including shoes Set a gown delivery date at least one month prior to the wedding date. 1 Month prior to wedding: Pick-up or have delivered all gowns. Inspect and check for perfect fit. Brides purchasing gowns through an online bridal store can utilize local stores for ideas. Many brides today select their gown locally, but purchase online at a considerable savings.

When to plan a bridal shower?

You should plan a Bridal Shower to be held about one month prior to the Wedding and only after the Bride has registered somewhere. If the Bride has a lot of family that won't be in town, you can have two showers -- one for the locals and one for the out-of-towners. This still complicates things as most people only fly in for a few days prior to the wedding and with all the planning and finishing touches the bride may not have time for a second shower so close to the wedding date.Also keep these points in mindThe event is usually held within two months of the wedding, up to two weeks before the big day.Don't invite guests to the shower who have not been invited to the wedding.You also need to decide whether this will be just a girls party or a jack and Jill party

Second wedding who pays for what?

Second wedding; the bride and groom should pay foot this bill. That being said; if their parents want to kick in something. That would be nice. However - haven't they already done this once already?

Who was her wedding planner for her second wedding?

You didn't say who you're talking about.

What is the right way to plan a second wedding?

People get very anxious when planning second weddings as they start to think about what is the right way and what is appropriate for a second wedding. But there is nothing right or wrong about having a second wedding.A second wedding need not be any different from a first wedding. You do not need to have a quieter or a sober affair just because it is your second wedding. If that is what you want then great! But if you think you should go for a smaller wedding just because it is the "right" thing to do, then you are mistaken. It is as much your right to have a grand and memorable wedding as it is for first timers.In fact, a second wedding can be a whole lot more fun as you can do things that may have been "not acceptable" the first time around. You could cut your cake first instead of last or could do other crazy things that make you and your to-be spouse happy.But remember to include your children (if you have any) while planning your wedding. You could make your children help you in planning your wedding. This will make them feel useful as well as feel included on your big day.So whether it is your second wedding, or maybe even your third or fourth - go on and have fun planning and being a part of it!

How to Choose a Wedding Gift Registry?

Getting engaged can be one of the highlights of you and your partner’s life. Once engaged there will be a lot of planning to look forward to. One aspect of getting engaged involves choosing to have a gift registry set up at specialty stores. A wedding gift registry allows friends and families to browse through items that will be helpful for the beginning of the new chapter in you and your partner’s life. There are certain considerations to make when choosing a gift registry. Here are few tips and guidelines for choosing the perfect gift registries: First, you and your partner should consider the stores that you shop at most frequently for your household goods presently. The stores that you are familiar with will be a good starting list for the beginning of your wedding gift registry. Also, by choosing a store that you frequent, the items that you choose will be similar to your established style and present home decor. With any gift registry, you should choose different price points, so that your friends and family will have a lot of different items to choose from that are within their budget. Second, you and your partner should consider a gift registry that includes items that reflect your relationship, hobbies, and personalities. If you and your partner are avid runners, then perhaps choosing a sporting goods store to register new running shoes, running gear, and other sports equipment would be appropriate. Not only will you be sharing your special hobbies with those close to you, but you and your partner may get some fun gifts for the wedding that speak to your hobbies. Thirdly, you and your partner should consider how convenient your gift registry will be for your friends and family. Although the little boutique on Main Street may have the most adorable trinkets, will your Grandma from the other side of the country be able to easily pick out a gift for you? If you can, choose a variety of different stores, including online stores, then you will give your friends and family a wide range of ways to get you and your partner exactly what you want.

How to submit the answers on bridal shower games.?

When having games at a bridal shower it should be the hostess that submits the answers and the winner. You must be sure to have all guests write their name on the paper and tally up who has the most correct answers to the question and it is wise to have first place; second and third for a small gift.

Do you give a gift for a second wedding?


What does hero wear to her second wedding?

A Mask

Who is responsible for the cost of a second wedding?

The cost as a second wedding, as well as the first, is the responsibility of the bride and groom. Agreed... the bride and groom must pay.

What are the ratings and certificates for Second Hand Wedding - 2008?

Second Hand Wedding - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG New Zealand:PG

You received an invitation to a bridal shower asking for money to pay for the wedding because the bride and groom already have everything for their home Is this correct to ask for money?

yes! it is common for wedding couples to ask instead of gifts. In this day and age there are 1. many people who are living together already and have everything they need. 2. people are getting married later in life . 3. some it is their second wedding. so gifts are not needed and money is better.

How long do you have to be married in order to get the second band to go in front of the engagement ring?

The second band to go in front of the engagement ring is the "wedding ring" that should come right away.... better yet get it saudered together before the wedding, and surprise your most beautiful, mangificent wife.

What is the best free registry cleaner?

Here are some best free registry cleaners:CCleanerNinja TuneUpEusing Free Registry CleanernCleaner secondAuslogics Registry CleanerWise Registry Cleaner3PC DecrapifierEmpty Temp Folder

Where does Hero go wearing a mask?

To her second wedding

What would you wear for a second wedding?

A yellow gown