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You should never completely drain an above ground pool. The chemicals in the vinyl liner that allow it to stretch when originally installed do not last. If you drain the water, the liner will shrink and when you refill the pool there is a good chance that instead of stretching back the liner will rip instead. NEVER drain your pool.

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Q: Should you drain an above ground pool to clean it?
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How low should you drain your above ground pool?

6 inches below skimmer.

Do I want a center drain in an above ground pool?


How do you get rid of the foamy soap-like substance in an above-ground swimming pool?

you should drain the pool and wash it out with a hose

How much water should you drain from an above ground pool for winter?

Just enough so that the skimmer is above the water and the pipes to the filter and filter can be drained.

What is the proper way to run a condensate drain with a trap Does it need a vent?

The condensate drain on the a-coil should have a trap and the trap should be vented for proper operation . The vent should rise above the top edge of the drain pan in the unit. Their should be a capped clean out before the vent.

What will happen if you drain your above ground pool?

It will be empty. Hope this helps.

Is is necessary to use antifreeze in the drain of an above ground pool?

no all you have to do is use a pump or the drain if the pool has one

How often should you drain and clean a public spa?

When you have a spa used by the public you want to drain it often. The water in the spa should always be clear and clean.

Do you have to keep water in an above ground pool year round?

No , above ground pools are different in that you can drain them , the reason you cannot drain an in ground pool is because the pool is built to have water pressure , and it is very stressful on the walls , I hope this answered your question :) .

How do you remove water from an above ground pool?

If there is no drain plug then you can use a sump pump.

How do you replace septic tank drain?

The tank should be pumped clean first, then remove and replace drain.

Should you drain all the water out before refilling your above ground pool?

No, unless there is something wrong with the water that can't be handled by the filter and normal chemicals.

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