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The right amount of water is important when your pregnant. To much water is harmful. You retain more water during your pregnancy than normal. I was told to try to drink at least 8 eight ounces glasses a day. You also want to try to take either a cranberry pill or drink cranberry tea. The juice is loaded with sugar. The cranberry helps with not only getting rid of the some the fluid by making you have to urinate, but it also helps with urinary tract infections. Keep on drinking the water, but also add something else in if eight glasses is to much.

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Q: Should you drink a lot of water when you are pregnant?
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Yes. They need a lot of water to produce milk.

Do basketball players have to drink a lot of water during a game?

Basketball players should not drink a lot of water during a game. To best benefit themselves and avoid dehydration, they should drink a lot of water before a game and after a game.

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What should Pregnant woman drink?

Pregnant women should drink a lot of milk. Milk is good for your bones and provides you with calcium. Milk is also a very healthy choice for your baby.

I urinate a lot because i drink water a lot and i also eat the things foods i want but does it mean that I'm pregnant?

No. If you urinate a lot may not mean that you are pregnant but it might be as a result of you taking a lot of water and eating food staff.

What should you drink with a bladder infection?

Drink a lot of clean, clear water when you have a bladder infection.

Something specific you should drink a lot of when you're sick?


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Will a percocet be out of your system faster than 3 days if you drink a lot of water?

Drinking a lot of water doesn't accelerate elimination process. You should drink normally.

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