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Well , my hair is naturally brown and I have blueish-green eyes & I dyed my hair black , and it looks fine . Just make sure you have a good hair cut / style to go with the black hair . Maybe you could try choppy layers [thats what I have] or just regular layers.

-Katie :]

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What color should your eyebrows be if your hair is blue black?

brown or black

Is brown live and blue neutral in domestic electrics?

brown or red should be live black or blue should be neutral green or yellow/green should be earth for custom built equipment who knows---beware

What are the Ninjitsu belt ranks?

White, Yellow, Yellow-Black, Green, Green-Black, Blue, Blue-Black, Red, Red-Black, Brown, Brown-black, and Black.

Can hair really be black?

No, it is impossible to have your hair or eyes be completely naturally black. You can dye it to be completely black. If they look black, there are simply very dark brown. Black hair would actually look slightly blue in the sunlight.

Do you know what a blue mole is?

If you see a blue mole anywhere on your body you should have it checked. A mole that is blue, brown or black could be a sign of cancer and should be addressed immediately.

What Brown girl who wears purple purple blue girl blue brown purple blue purple white brown purple brown brown blue what is next?

What does Josh Ramsay use to do his hair?

I think he uses gel, and he might straighten his hair, but I'm not sure. His hair is naturally black, with blue highlights in his bangs and roots, actually his hair is naturally brown

How do you change brown eyes to blue eyes naturally?

It can't be done.

What does brown and blue make?


What is the colour of a 240 volt power cable?

Brown black and ground (yellow=green). The brown and black can alco be black and blue and brown and black

Why are elephants eyes black?

no they can come in black, brown, and blue

What wires go brown and blue from old fashion red black wiring?

red - brown black - blue green/yellow - green

How many differen colors are there in dogs?

Here is a list of Common Dog Colors: Apricot Beige Beige and White Black Black and Brown Black and Grey Black and Red Black and Reddish Brown Black and Tan Black and White Black, Brown and White Blonde Blue Blue and Tan Brindle (Black) Brindle (Blue) Brindle (Brown) Brindle (Red) Brindle (Tan) Brown Brown and Grey Brown and White Chocolate Cream Fawn Gray Grey and White Grey, Black and White Grizzle (Brown & Grey hairs mixed) Light Brown Merle (Black) Merle (Blue) Merle (Brown) Orange Red Red and Tan Red, Black and White Reddish Brown Tan White White and Brindle White and Orange White and Red White and Reddish Brown White and Tan Yellow

How do you wire a Brown and Blue to a Red Black and White?

The brown will connect to the redblack wire and the blue to the white

What colors do not match black?

brown and navy black brown and navy should not be worn together The colors that I think do not match black are NAVY BLUE and BROWN! that is my pet peeve when people wear those colors together! ugh! HORRIBLE! thanks

Do the colors blue and brown make purple?

No. Purple is made by mixing red and blue.Related Information:When mixed, the colors blue and brown make a darker brown-to-black color. Mixing anything with brown usually turns out to look black.

How do you wire a ceiling fan with black blue and white wires to a light box with red black and brown wires and a ground?

The Black and white wires in the fan would probably be the "main" power connections and the blue would be for remote control of some other feature, such as an integral light fixture, but you would be better off finding the proper wiring diagram for that device. I have never seen a "light box" with red, black, brown and grounding wires. You should either have a black and a white or a brown and a blue, not a brown and a black.

How do you get blue by mixing colors?

black+brown+color pallete= bLuE

Is josh ramseys hair blue or black?

blue ofcourse! (same as mine) either black or brown but he dye's it blue

What colors are black bears?

black, slate blue, brown, and white.

What color shoes should you wear with a blue shirt?

depends on your pants.depends on your purse (if applicable).as of what you provided... blue... or browndon't wear black

What color eyeliner should you use for blue eyes?

Sometimes black eyeliner do make blue eyes really stand out, but blue eyes should really stick with browns to make them pop. Black brings out a more greyish tone in them, where brown makes the actual blue show more.

What does red blue and black make when mixed?


What are dark colors?

Blue< purple< black< brown

What colour eyes can crows have?

brown, blue, black