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Should you get an order of protection against an angry vengeful narcissist?

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If you feel threatened by someone, a piece of paper (retraining order) is not guaranteed protection - HOWEVER, having that piece of paper will better enable law enforcement to arrest this individual should he pose such an immediate threat. I strongly suggest that you keep any and all voicemail messages, e mail or written letters to strengthen your case against him. If you go forward and request a restraining order, you will have to go before a judge and explain why you think you need one. It is not as difficult as it may seem if you are truly in fear of your life or well-being. Check your local police department how to proceed. I definitely would. It is always better to error on the cautious side when your well-being and life are at stake. I would also take other privacy precautions when it comes to your work/home addresses/phone numbers, email passwords (change them often), ensure friends and family do not tell him/her your whereabouts or circumstances, etc.. My ex-N tried to access my online cell phone account (was locked out), but still somehow found out who I was dating AND tried to break into two of 'his' accounts (I think just to get information - not to steal). He may have actually finally gained access to my account (I would have no way to know unless it was unsuccessful). We have no friends in common who would have told him about the man I was dating. All of this to say, there is a lot you can do that will give you peace of mind - both on and offline. While none of these things are guaranteed protection, they can help. But most definitely get a retraining order if you feel you need to. ~AlwaysLearning

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