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Do you need help? No! It's just one of life's down-turns and there will be many more to come. You've got two main stress' #1 your parents breaking up and #2 waiting for your new home to be built so you can have some well deserved privacy. You should tackle this in a different way. Firstly, even though your parents are going through some tough times right now (splitting up after so many years of marriage is difficult) they let you stay at home to help you out. Now it's your turn to be there for them! Instead of listening to perhaps arguing take each one of your parents aside and just listen to what they are feeling at this time (don'take sides). Who gave you the corner of feelings? Make yourself useful and do what you can for them. Both parents need support and I have no doubt your mother is feeling quite vulnerable right now and very hurt so be there to calm things down and ensure her you love her no matter what. Before you know it your home will be finished and you can slip into it stress free. After you have been in your new home for a month or two and have a chance to relax try asking your mother and father over separately for a visit and show off your new digs! Your life is just beginning, they've had a lot of life and feel as if they have failed miserably, but things will settled down and all will be well again. It's between them, but they both love YOU, so just love them in return, be mature and realize they are hurting right now. Congrats on your new home.

2006-08-13 22:25:11
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Q: Should you get help if your parents are splitting up and you are living at home waiting for your new house to be built and you ended up breaking down and shouting while drinking last night?
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