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Slipknot is a heavy metal band, consisting of nine members. The band's trademark is that each band member wears a unique mask during their concerts.

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Where is Corey Taylor's House located?

Corey Taylor's home is in Des Moines, Iowa.
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Does slipknot have a ballad?

Yes. It's Surfacing. From their Self-Titled album. It's been call "Our International F-ing Anthem" at live shows. Stay Sic! ...
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When is the new slipknot album coming out in 2009?

September 9, 09 (09/09/09) 10th-Year Anniversary By Jaize oye
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What happened to slipknot?

They're taking a break. Paul Grey's death really hit them hard. They'll come back. ...
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Did Max Shulman have any children?

It appears Mr. Schulman was an extremely private person (friends with Trueman Capote) and the only information I could get is as follows: There was mention of five children, but only two sons were spoken of; Max & Peter. Mr. Schulman was born March 14, 1919 in St. Paul, Minnesota Died August 28, 1988 of bone cancer in Los Angeles, California. His wife (if she was his one and only) was Mary Gordon Schulman. Was a writer of many good humored stories and also 'The Many Loves...
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How many albums has slipknot produced?

They made 4 albums!
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Was Crooklyn Clan's Franklinz 2000 ever released as a vinyl 12inch single?

I think it was released as a DJ LBR single on AV8 records, not a Crooklyn Clan joint ...
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Who was the first NHL goalie to wear a face mask?

Clint Benedict of the Montreal Maroons wore one for the one game in the 1920s, but it impeded his vision so he never wore it again. Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens is generally credited as the first to wear the mask regularly. More info: collectionscanada The first goalie ever to wear a hockey mask was Clint Benedict. He wore it for just one game but he was still the first to wear a hockey mask!Other people say that Jacques Plante wore...
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Does slipknot believe in Satan?

No. Every member in Slipknot, except for Sid Wilson, believes in god, or has a religion. Sid is Atheist. Most people think this because of the "666" flags or pyro at their concerts, or Joey's pentagram on his kit? Its there for show. Iron Maiden pretty much made 666 popular, but noone questioned them about it. Why does everyone question slipknot? ...
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Did slipknot play vendetta Live?

yes they did, at least they did at KRROfest 2009 and in Des Moines 9/9/09
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What is Rey Mysterio's theme song?

His theme song is P.O.D Booyaka 619. Answer It goes like this What u gonna do when we come for u [repeats it again] then it says BOOYAKA BOOYAKA [then rey mysterio jumps up] 619 hey BOOYAKA BOOYAKA like that that's the first bit! booyaka 619 by POD ...
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What shoes does Corey Taylor wear in Dead Memories video?

Black Converse High Tops his pants covers the logo
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Where is the original slipknot guitarist Quan Nong?

he was never in the band im sorry you must be mistacken for the 80s band or somthing ...
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Why did Corey Taylot leave Slipknot?

He didn't...
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Where can you download Rey Mysterio's theme song?

....Who ever wrote that must have been drunk, anyway, If you know the song's name you can probably download it from Limewire(google it).If you don't know the song's name but remember some of the lyrics type then up on google and see what you get. Goodluck - ...
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Do Chaka Khan have any children?

Yes, there is a picture of her daughter, her name is Milini, on the front cover and back cover of her album "Naughty". It's the album that had the songs "Clouds" and "Papillion". Milini was born in 1973, from a relationship with Rahsaan Morris. She was also a member of a girls singing group called "Pretty in Pink". Chaka Khan also has a son named Damien Holland. He was born in 1976. His father is Richard Holland. ...
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Where can you buy Slipknot shirt size youth M?

Try eBay or there online store
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Why does a Chevy 66 duramax hesitate right before shifting gears?

Duramax is a diesel motor. Most diesels have a built in governor to keep the engine speed from going too high. I suspect that the engine is hitting the top speed and the governor is kicking in just before you shift. ...
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Does chris fehn from slipknot have a daughter?

No, that was Paul's wife. They actually named her "October".
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Where could you buy a slipknot mask from in South Africa?

www.ebay.com you can buy it on eBay.
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Is slipknots symbol satanic?

It is the shape of a pentagram, so I would assume yes. That doesn't mean they are Satanic though, it's for stage appearance. ...
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What are the lyrics to Rey Mysterio's theme song?

Spanish Lyrics Rey Mysterio's Theme Lyrics What you gonna do when we come for you? Correle. Correle. Andale. What you gonna do when we come for you? Booyaka. Booyaka. 619 (Hey) Booyaka. Booyaka. That's my pueblo. Booyaka. Booyaka. 619 (Hey) Booyaka. Booyaka. Rey Mysterio. Ya llego el Rey Mysterio. Bato cabron de San Diego. Flash up on the scene like a brown crusader. Blowing up screens like space invaders. Too much damage for one to manage. Going 51 50 'speaky Spanglish.' Aste a un lado estoy pesado. Vivo la vida peleando...
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What is Michel Langevin's new band?

Union Made ============================================= Upgrade to this answer By D. Langevin here is something I came accrossed on the net it is an interview with Michel "Away" Langevin abt the new band "Kosmos" visit the following link for more info http://heavymetal.about.com/od/interviews/a/kosmosinterview.htm ...