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It isn't necesssary, but if you had bad grades in high school, then it will benefit you. The college will see you as serious about an education if you went to a few classes and got good grades at college level. So all of this depends on your GPA and the requirement for your college of choice.

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Q: Should you go to a Community College before college?
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How long would you have to attend a community college before you can go to a regular college?

only half year

Do you need to live in the same state as a Community College in order to apply?

Anyone in any state can apply for admission to a community college. Each community college has its own admissions policies and standards, so be sure to review those before sending an application. Attending the community college may require you to relocate, however.

Should high school graduates should be required to take a year off to pursue community service projects before entering college?


In what city is Ccccd located in?

Collin College is located in Mckinney, Texas. It is formerly known as the Collin County Community College before it was officially switched to the simple name of Collin College.

Go To Mesa Community College Before A Larger School?

You may want to go to Mesa Community College for the first two years of your degree, before transferring to a larger school. The reason for this is that you will just be taking general classes anyway. The ones at Mesa Community College will cost less than the ones at a big school. They will still teach you all of the same things and your credits should transfer over to the bigger university later.

What was the School that Tom Daley went to in Plymouth?

Eggbuckland Community College. He went there before changing to Plymouth College on sponsorship.

What classes should you take at a community college before going to law school?

You should, of course, take a law class. If they do not have one; look for a different school.

Can a felon be a college professor?

Yes, you can be a college professor at a community college or University. There are certain speculations on what can be tought, but your best bet is to make sure that your previous grades are AMAZING and that you have shown that you are a great example to the community before applying. Bryan Polee

Community Colleges are a Great Bargain?

Community college is an excellent way to begin or end one's college education. Completing the first two years of classes at a community college before transferring to a four-year university is an excellent way to save money because community college tuition is normally much lower. For students planning to work in a field that requires only an Associate degree, community colleges usually have a wide variety of programs.

What is a two-year Associate of Arts degree from a community college?

An associate degree is two years of college. It is basically all of your General education units that you do before you begin your last two years for a BS or BA. If you are attending a community college or planning on it they are a good value for your dollar and the instructors often work in the fields they teach. The community college is often more realistic than a university because the university tends to teach on a more philosophical level. I went to community college and have taught classes in one.

I am curious to know what date anyone else got notified of acceptance to the Frederick Community College nursing program?

The date you get notified for acceptance to Frederick Community College nursing program will depend upon when you applied. You should find out at least a few months before the term begins.

What should you study while in community college before you transfer to university?

yes you sohuld its better to start low nd work your self up.

How long should you wait before getting your cherry popped?

After you are done with college and married...

Is college in Colorado free if you live there a year before you attend?

No. But it will be less expensive if you should choose to live in Colorado for a year before attending college there.

Who is thinks Tim Tebow should stay on the football team before he graduates from college in 2010?

he stayed to finish college, then went to the NFL

Should college athletes be drafted before they graduate?


Can an college find out if you have been to college before?


What classes should you take in community college before transferring to a 4 year college to earn a bachelors degree in science?

It depends on your overall career goals and objectives. Once you decide on a specific career goal you will be able to identify the type a major that will lead you there.

What should you do before taking the PSAT?

Use the sample questions that the college board provides.

What was Michelle Obama'sjob before she got married to Barack Obama?

college professor,community organizer, and state senator

Why do most people agree that students should take a year off before going to college?

so that they could save money and organize for college.

Should pros be allowed to draft college athletes before they graduate?


What qualifications do you have to have to be a veterinarian?

You need to go to a veterinary college before you can become a veterinarian. Before you can go to veterinary college, you need to have a 4-year college degree.

What are the positive effects of sex education to college students?

One hopes less pregnancies and STD's. Sex education should start long before college though. Most of them have sex for the first time when they are in college.

What schools did Garrett Morgan go to before college?

Wheaten College and then transfered to Bentley College and then he quiet at 14

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