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If your daughter still lives with you, gently ease a little help when not asked and help when she needs it. Try thinking how you felt when she was born and if your mother or father helped you with her. If she doesn't live woth you, call and ask occasionally if she needs help...don't make it seem that you are forcing aiding her in raising her child. Good Luck! ~sophia I don't see why not. If she only wants the help, it can strenghten the bond between mother and daughter as well as establish the bond between grandmother and grand-baby. If the daughter requires the help, then it's probably in the best interest of the baby that someone pitches in. It's a matter of balance in helping your daughter and taking over for her. Only if she asks or seems overwhelmed. If it seems the baby is being neglected you may want to consider that your daughter is suffering from post-partum. Just remember you don't want her to feel as though you are taking over her new position or that you are judging her. It would be better if you helped her out with household chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. & give her all the time she needs to bond with her baby.

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Q: Should you help your daughter with her newborn?
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