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First of all your boyfriend is a dick and so are you. Second of all, it seems you shoudn't even have a baby.

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What should you do if you think your little dog mated with a big dog?

i think it should be aborted (if that's possible with dogs) because it could kill the little do if its the female

What if your boyfriend dumped you because of a rumor what should you do?

you should tell your boyfriend if he really likes you if he says yes tell him if he believes you or other people that started the rumor because your boyfriend should only believe you not other people

What is your stand about pro life?

I am totally against abortion. Care should be taken is human decision. Because the aborted baby is a life.

Can vaginal sores effect your boyfriend or childbirth or your pregnancy and your child?

Yes. You should go to a sexual health clinic and get a diagnosis. And your boyfriend should go along too as infections can be passed back if you are not both treated.

Should women be aloud to abort a baby?

What is aborted during an abortion is not a baby, it is an embryo or fetus. Yes, women should be allowed to abort because it's their bodies and so their choice.

Should you call your boyfriend after not speaking for 2 days because of an argument?

yes, because that's still your boyfriend... try to fix things.

Why should you make your boyfriend a sandwich?

Reasons you should make your boyfriend a sandwich:because he asked you to.because you want to show him how sweet he is.because you want to show him how sweet you are.because you want him to think you are nice.because you want him to know he's important to you.

Should you stay with your boyfriend if he wants to be exclusive but never wants to get married?

No because whats a the point of having a boyfriend

Should you be worried that your girlfriend keeps pictures of her ex-boyfriend around?

Yes, because her ex-boyfriend is me.

Should you tell your girlfriend that im having dreams about your ex-boyfriend?

Yes because she well love you

Why did Kate Keller drive out Helen's boyfriend?

Kate Keller drove out Helen's boyfriend because she thought Helen should not get married because of blindness.

When after a missed period should a pregnancy test be taken?

When you miss a period , you should take a pregnancy test at once, because you could very well be pregnant.

Should a alcoholic pregnant woman aborted?

if she can stop during pregnancy there's no reason to unless she chooses to abort for other reasons. What she has done in the past wont hurt the fetus. If she however is risking her health because her organs are damaged by alcohol she should think about that a pregnancy takes a toll on the body. If she can stop drinking abortion is sometimes the best and other times the baby is fine. The result is so individual it's really her choice and she should talk to her doctor about it so she knows everything it contains for the baby.

Can lemon grass oil be taken in pregnancy If not why?

Lemongrass should not be used in pregnancy because of uterine and menstrual flow stimulation.

Your boyfriend has mono should you get tested?

Yes, because if you get it, you could die.

Can you get pregnant when you have your period and your boyfriend is wearing a condom?

If you are using protection (ie. condom) then pregnancy is unlikely to occur. However, no protection is 100% effective so if you miss your period you should take a pregnancy test

Should you break up with your boyfriend because of your friend even though you love him?

no,you should not because you love him not youre friend so you should stay with him.

Shoud you get a boyfriend?

No, you do not have to get a boyfriend. You can get a boyfriend when you feel that you are ready for a relationship, may not have to be a serious long term relationship because it is up to you. Nobody is forcing you, if so you should not be under pressure to get a boyfriend.

When should a girl have a boyfriend?

When you are about 15 because when you are about 13 boys don't know how to speak to a girl in a boyfriend kind of way.

Should you break up with your boyfriend because you are pregnant?

No, if possible your boyfriend (as the father) needs to be involved in bringing up the baby.

Is it wrong to french kiss your girl best friend when you have a boyfriend?

hell no your boyfriend should be more than pleased because of it

What to think when your boyfriend threatens to break up with you after you hurt him?

That you should never hit your boyfriend or to anyone, because it shows disrespects.

Why would a girl hurt her boyfriend?

its probably because she loves someone else or she found out something about her boyfriend she should not have known

Should your boyfriend ever swear at you and tell you to go away?

no he should not because i use to have a lot of boyfriends and i broke up with them because of that

What should you do if your best friend likes your boyfriend?

I advise that you tell your boyfriend about it and your concern, he should not show interest in her because if he absolutely loves you he won't even consider her. Do not directly confront your friend about it because it is nothing really serious, just focus on strengthening your relationship with your boyfriend.