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You don't reconcile with an ex-spouse when they are married! Doesn't sound like she's leaving her husband. As hard as it may be for you, you know deep down you're playing with fire and it's time to move on. She made her choice and she's living with him! Depends what you mean by "reconcile." The concept of closure is important to many people, tying up loose ends, saying what you need to say, hearing what the other person thinks and ending on good terms. That doesnt mean you're friends and hang out all the time - or even wish each other Happy Birthday - but at least it's one less person to dislike in the world. It doesn't matter if the ex-spouse is already remarried or not.

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Can you marry in a church if already married as a moslem?

You cannot get married if you are already married. A church may be willing to bless your marriage.

Is Tom willing married?

tom is willing married.

6 years love affair with a married man do he really care about you?

ANSWER:The question you wanted to know is already answered by you. No married man that will have this length of affair and not care about you. Now the only question you can have is, are you willing to be the part time woman especially during the holiday....

What does dont spur a willing horse mean?

"Dont spur a willing horse" means don't hurry someone who is already on their way or don't tell someone to do something if their already doing it.

Why do people write it's complicated as their status when they are married?

They do not wish to admit that they are married but willing to fool around.

Are you willing to have a conversation with me and correct me if i make wrong grammar?

No, and you already did by typing that lowercase 'I'.

What should you do if meridian man fall in love with you after he getting arrange married and told that he willing to divorce his wife?

Think of it this way if he is willing to leave his wife for you, then he might be willing to leave you for another woman

Are you pretty enough to get married?

for every person there is someone willing to love them for who they are...not how they look

How did the Gold Rush affect the people who already lived in California?

it took away the jobs of those who already lived there due to migrants were willing to work for cheap

Is it possible to be baptized in the Catholic Church if your parents are not married?

yes it is possible. as long as you are willing to be baptisec

How many times can you get married on fable 3?

As many times as you want as long as there are villagers willing.

You are in love with a married man and he says they have years leaving in different countries and he will just start the divorce process what would you do Wait or leave him?

How long have you waited for him already? Since he is married and such? If you've waited a long time, you have to decide for yourself just how much longer you're willing to wait. If you're willing, you wait for him. But if he prolongs that divorce, you leave, but if your love has just started blossoming and was just revealed, you shouldn't expect him to divorce instantly because you'll be telling him to throw away a life that he promised himself into. It all just depends on you and how long you've waited already.

Why is there premarital sex?

Because most people enjoy sex and not everyone is willing to wait until they are married.

If you have your children baptised at a protestant church do their god parents have to be already baptised?

To be a god parent in a catholic community the willing god parents must of had their confirmation already to be a godparent for the baptism.

What is 'vis I am' in English?

Already you're willing is the English equivalent of 'Vis iam'. In the word by word translation, the verb 'vis' means '[you] are'. The adverb 'iam' means 'already'.

What do adults have to do to get kids?

Get married first of all. If they can't have kids of their own there are always adoption agencies willing to help them.

How can you reconcile a friendship of over 20 yrs that has been damaged and lost for the last yr and half?

All you can do is to really talk it over if the other party is willing and have an open and honest discussion as to why the friendship was damaged, make sure to listen as well as talk!

Why you want to get married?

Marriage is the ultimate sign of devotion and compassion to someone. You can kiss anyone whos willing to, you can have sex with anyone who is willing to, but it takes much more to be able to spend the rest of your life with someone.

Can you ask the judge to go to the place where you want to get married?

A judge probably won't go where you want to get married, but you can get a justice of the piece of minsiter. You can always ask the judge, they may be willing to go.

How can you get married if your fianc'e and you both don't have Chinese residency and are willing to marry in China?

Contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate and ask.

Why is friar Lawrence willing to help romeo and Juliet get married?

He feels that marrying them will stop the feud between their two families.

Where in surrey can you get nipple piercing when only 17?

You can't, & any place willing to pierce you underage isn't someplace you should be willing to trust. They're already displaying no regard for the law. How sure can you be that they don't reuse needles?

Why did Hera and Zeus get married?

Depends on which tale you take. One story tells of her being raped by Zeus and she married him to save face. Another she willing choose him. Another they choose each other.

Why did Nelson Mandela run away to Johannesburg?

Nelson Mandela Ran away to Johannesburg because he was forced to get married. Nelson Mandela was not ready or willing to get married, so he ran away to Johannesburg.

If you are 27 years old with a child and you're looking to get married and have more but your partner is going on to get his Bachelors degree should you wait for him?

If your 27 and have a child, and you actually have a partner that is willing to stay with you for the rest of your life, then you should most definitely stay with him. NEWS FLASH! YOU HAVE BAGGAGE, THERE ARE NOT A LOT OF GUYS THAT ARE WILLING TO OVERLOOK THAT. Don't be in such a hurry to get married.

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