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Should you stay with a guy you love who claims he loves you too but won't commit and you fear he never will and that could make things worse?


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It depends upon how long you've been dating and what kind of prospects for a life together you have at this time. It also depends upon your ages. If you're a teenager, it's too soon to be talking about "commitment" beyond "going steady" or entering into an (temporarily) exclusive arrangement. But if you've been with a guy for a long time (think YEARS, not months), there does come a time when he has to fish or cut bait. It may be appropriate to give him an ultimatum: either he settles down with you or you break up. But don't do that unless you're prepared to go through with it. And there is no easy way of dealing with it. If you love him but break up because of his answer, you will doubtless suffer real heartache, and there's just no easy way of dealing with that. That sucks, for sure, but that's part of the vicissitudes of life.