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It depends if you were the one split the relationship up. Either way, it's not wise for a friend to go rushing in and dating your ex. I'd communicate this fact to your friend and if they basically tell you your ex is up for grabs then she doesn't care about your feelings and it's best to move on from her. When people split-up they usually do so either out of misunderstanding or anger and sometimes they can get back together again. It takes a little time, and your friend has not respected this fact. If this is how your friend acts you don't need anymore enemies. If your friend landed your ex then he doesn't love you enough to try to patch things up. Marcy No, she is no real friend of yours and you should find a new best friend. She has obviously made her choice. Friends should have a "hands off" policy with ex boyfriends, it only causes friendship trouble when you share men.

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Q: Should you still be best friends with someone who is going out with your ex right after the two of you broke up and there was a chance for you to go back out but then your best friend took him?
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