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usually after u have a baby you get your period for about a month. but since you had your baby 3 months ago then im not sure. but usually being on some type of Birth Control make your hormones and different because of all the differnet hormonel levels but i have honestly never heard of anyone having their period for about a month and after having their baby 3 months i suggest going to your gynecologist for a check up.

2006-07-15 07:07:06
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If im on birth control and dont get my period for 3 months is that just making it easier to get pregnant?

No. Some forms of birth control pills actually cause you to not get your period for months.

Should your period be regular after 6 months off birth control?

After stopping birth control, your period is likely to return to its previous pattern. If you were irregular prior to starting the pill, you're likely to be irregular after you stop.

Do you still have a period if you are on birth control?

Yes. There are now birth control pills that regulate a period to one every three months.

How long should it take to get a period after stopping continuous birth control?

It can take up to three months for your period to return after stopping hormonal birth control such as depo provera or the pill. Any longer than this and you should talk to your doctor. Even if you do not have your period, you can still become pregnant so should take precautions if you are not trying to conceive.

How long can you bleed after stopping birth control?

You may experience break through bleeding, early period or no period for 3 months. Its different in every one. But hen you do have a period it should be 5 days if that's normal for you. Once you stop your birth control pill you may not have a period for 3 months or more while the hormones are gradually decreasing in your body or you may experience odd episodes of spotting or start a normal period in a months time. Its different in everyone.

If you have been off BC for a few months now and haven't gotten my period for 3 months now and haven't been sexual active for 2years this normal?

As you are not sexually active, you don't have to worry about pregnancy currently. Birth control usually stays in your system for 3 months. As you haven't had your period in 3 months, I would recommend that you see your Doctor.

You had a period 2 months after you gave birth you have been taking birth control for 3 months stopped nursing and have missed 2 periods What could be the reason for missing your period?

the birth control is probably it.

How can you prevent your period?

By using hormonal Birth Control Pills you can safely go months without a period.

When should you take a pregnancy test if you are on birth control and only have your period every three months?

Take it when you are supposed to ovulate and in the morning with your first urin.

What does it mean when you don't have your period for two months and then start spotting?

There could be a number of issues. If you are taking birth control it is possible this has stopped your period but may cause slight spotting at times. If you are not taking a birth control that may stop your period you should see a doctor right away.

What is training period of an animal control officer?

answer is A. a few weeks to a few months

Why have I not been able to get pregnant. I was taking birth control for 2 months to stop my period for 5 months. I just got my period last month and have not gotten it this month.?

They say that if you've tried to get pregnant for a year and nothing has happened, then you should seek help. Why you haven't been able to get pregnant we can't say. you need to be examined by your doctor. Sounds like your hormones are acting up. The pill should not do that and if you ever have that again, no period for 5 months, you should go see your gyno. A period can be late but not skip months.

Im two months late on my period?

this currently means that either your stressed out or you are on birth controls

When should you start birth control for a weekday period?

Sunday after your period

If you were on your period for 4 months what should you do?

go to your doctor!

Should you get your period around the same days after stopping taking birth control pills?

No you will unfortunately not get your period around the same time as you previously did. It will take 3 months for the hormones in birth control to be out of your system and because of this it can take this long for your periods to regulate themselves.

When should you start taking birth control pills to delay your period?

A couple months prior to wanting your period delayed, some women experience breakthrough bleeding for the fist weeks after starting the pill.

If you havent started your period in the past 2 months and on birth control should you change your pill?

i'd advise you to go see your local GP or doctor

What contraceptive should you use during menopause?

Menopause means you've had no period for 12 months. Once that's true, you don't need birth control.

Can you stop your period?

if you take birth control you will only have it every couple of months, but there is really no way to ever get rid of your period.

Had a baby 11weeks ago when should you get your period is this normal not to have your period yet?

If you are breast feeding it can take months. My son was 10 months old when I got my period back.

How long until your period will regulate after starting birth control?

3 months on average

Can birth control deregulate your period?

It should make your period more regular.

Emergency i am supposed to get my period in 4 days but I'm going on vacation in 6 should i get a prescription for Birth Control and start taking it today in order to skip this months period?

You could try that and it may work.

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