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Absolutely not! It is none of your business and the only part you would play is to cause hurt feelings. Let them sort it out. He may love her now and they have a child together. They should stay together for the child's sake and no one should try to come between that and try to destroy a family.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-02 17:27:46
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Q: Should you tell his wife that he only married her because she got pregnant?
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dont get married only because your pregnamt. you need to love the person. getting married needs to be a lifelong commitment and yes if your pregnant you should get married but dont let that be the only reason that you do. If you do that then it will only end up in a devorce and that would be worse in the long run you you and the baby. if you love the person and the baby is his then you should get married and make it a lifelong goal to be together forever.

Can you get married because your pregnant and only 17?

You can get married with parental permission or a court order.

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girls become pregnant by having sex with another man. girls should only become pregnant when you are married and are fully devoted to your spouse.

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Only if get married with the same man who caused her pregnancy without marriage but he should be a Muslim man. If he is not Muslim or if pregnancy is from someone else then she never can get married during pregnancy but only after her delivery of the baby.

Can a Muslim woman get married whilst she is pregnant?

Yes, but on conditions. She can get married only if she get married with the same man who caused her pregnancy outside marriage and he should be a Muslim man. If he is not Muslim or if pregnancy is from someone else then she never can get married during pregnancy but only after her delivery of the baby.

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No. You are only emancipated regarding your health when pregnant.

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only if the parents sign off on her

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no because they don't have a urethra. Only females can get pregnant because they have a urethra.

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Only if you get emancipated.

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In most states the only way you could is with your parents permission.

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Yes, but only in certain states.

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AS far as I know married man with a pregnant wife who's having an affair, hardly leave their wife. I guess only one percent of married man do leave their pregnant wife for a reason that they are not ready for big responsibilities of parenthood.

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Only if you are pregnant at the time Certainly don't go out and get pregnant deliberately.

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None is ideal but a pregnant woman should only have one 12oz surviving of caffeine a day.

What if your last name belongs to the man your mother was married to when she got pregnant with you So it never really should have been your last name Can you change it now?

only by court order