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Why don't you just call her and tell her. That way you don't put any pressure on either of yourselves. If she doesn't feel the same way tell her you don't want it to change the friendship you had, but then you have to really keep your feelings under wraps or you could spoil the friendship you have. If she does feel the same then go visit. Good luck.

2006-08-05 08:54:44
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Q: Should you tell your friend you are in love with her if she lives 90 miles away because if she rejects you the distance might ruin the relationship?
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What should you do if your crush rejects you?

you should try to deal with it because every one gets rejects once in a while you should try to deal with it because every one gets rejects once in a while

What to do about a long-distance relationship?

Well, if you care enough for that person to continue the relationship then that's what you should do. If you feel you cannot continue the relationship because of the distance you should talk to that person and see how you feel about it.

What is your personal view about distance relationship?

I think every relationship should go through long distance relationships, because distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Who should move in a long distance relationship?

whoever wants to

What should you do when a mother rejects her kitten?

When a mother rejects her kitten it may be best to separate the felines because the mother may kill the kitten because of the scent of a human is on it. The mother thinks that it is no longer her baby.

What is the object image distance relationship for a flat mirror?

when dealing with a flat mirror object-distance and image-distance should be equal.

If a girl rejects you what do you do?

if a girl rejects you then you should accept it and move on theres no point in pursuing her as her answer will not change.

What should you do if you are falling in love in an early relationship and you decide to move 4-5 hours away by car for 1 year but your mate breaks up with you because he does not want long distance?

Then you have a decision to make, whether to move or stay for your relationship. Many people cannot handle a long distance relationship, they need their partner nearby because it is comforting and they need the contact.

How long should the long-distance relationship be?

As long as you make it work.

What are the secrets to a successful long distance relationship?

The secret to a successful long distance relationship is communication and honesty. You should talk to each other often. You can also use webcams to Skype as well.

I kind of like this guy but my friend told me that his friends told him that the guy I like is in a long distance relationship what should I do?

If your friend told you that the guy you like is in a long distance relationship you should probably look for someone else. Long distance relationships are difficult enough to manage without obstacles.

Is it ok to talk once a week with your long distance boyfriend?

Unless this is a long distance relationship, you should definitely be talking more often.

How old should you be to have a long distance relationship?

its not how old you are its how stong you'r love is with the other

You love a girl that loves her boyfriend theyre in a long distance relationship and shes moving there to be with him what should you do?

Its tough but move on. You do NOT want to wreck a relationship. Trust me.

How do you use scale to determine distance in real life when looking at a map?

In the bottom corner of the map, there should be a key that states the distance relationship.

Should you keep hanging out with you ex individually when you are in a relationship?

No a person should not still be seeing their ex individually when they are in a relationship because that relationship is over and both exes should move on. If in doubt one should put themselves in the shoes of the person they are now having a relationship with.

How do you get married in Sims 2 Castaway?

Make them have very high Relationship (above 90 is best). Then, select "Propose... Engagement". If the sim accepts, the option "Propose...Marriage" should show up. Select this. If the sim rejects, build their relationship and try again.

My boyfriends wants to go to grad school and do a long distance relationship?

You should be supportive of his decision. And consider your self lucky that he knows he will be far from you and he wants to work a long distance relationship with you. Do not believe what people say about long distance relationship not being able to work out. Its just an excuse for the people who are not willing to try that kind of commitment.

What should you do if you get rejected by a girl?

don't get your hopes up too high and expect that youv'e got this because if you do then hen she rejects you your going to feel really bad and when she rejects you put it behind you and keep going with your life cause there is other "fish in the sea"

How do you flirt in long distance relationship?

First, just as it is important to be physically attracted to a person in a close distance relationship, it is important, also, to be physically attracted to a person in a long distance relationship. If you both have webcams it will be easier to flirt (as it is the closest thing to a close distance relationship). If a webcam is not an option, share photos with each other and compliment each other. This should lead to talks of more mature content. Statements such as, "I can't wait to see you so I can do ________ with you" can help jog the fantasy aspect of the relationship.

Why working relationship different to a personal relationship?

A working relationship should stay cordial and professional. You should not mix the two, because if something were to go wrong it is not likely that you all's work relationship can properly maintain itself.

What if your former abused girlfriend moved back home to her kids without notice and expects a long-distance relationship with you which scares you because of many problems with her in the past?

Her kids must be very important to her or she wouldn't have left you for them, this is the way it should be. If you want a relationship with her, move to be near her. If you don't want a long distance relationship and you've had problems with her in the past, then it is time to distance yourself emotionally. Have a talk with her and break it off so you can both move on. The quickest and easiest way to resolve this is to say "no" at the beginning. Distance is an issue for you at this point and you should respect what is important to you. Sometimes practicalities take over what is important in your life.

Why should people not have wars?

because people should live in peace and to have a good relationship with others

Should you stay with your girlfriend when she goes to college Would she cheat?

A relationship is only as strong as the people in it. Some relationship do last into and through college but a lot of relationships fall apart in college not because people cheat but because people are not mature enough to have a strong relationship. The question you should be asking is not will your girlfriend cheat but is your relationship strong enough to last in a long-distance relationship and are you sure that you want to be with this person or that she wants to be with you and not be able to experience the college environment with all crazy hookups and awkward walk backs in the morning that typically happen.

If you were going out with a guy for one year and then he moves should you just break up or have a long distance relationship?

My advice is to break up, in order for you to meet new guys, who might be even better than your current boyfriend now, if you both agree on it you can have a long distance relationship but long distance relationships, never really work out unless he is going to move back.-for me, it depends on you. if you know can take a long distance relationship then go for it. if you can't just get out of it. I can't tell you what is right to choose because only you yourself know what is right when it concerns about your feelings.