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Should you try to get your first love back if he is engaged but you think he still has feelings for you?

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December 31, 2005 4:12AM

There are alot of things to look at first.Do you see and talk to this person or has it been years since you have seen or spoke to this person? I would say if you are talking with him and have stayed friends all this time then yes you should know really if he has feelings for you or you could be just seeing this person you cared for being just nice to you.If he is engaged and I might add that for men to even think about spending the rest of there lives with one women is scary to them he must love this person to some degree.I would say to you think things over and you can sit him down and tell him up front what you feel for him and you run the risk of being wrong and I could not tell you they way he would respond, or you could see that he is happy now and be happy for him your day will come and let it be. Yes! Best Wishes