Should you use a typewriter or a PC when writing a book or novel?

It is a personal choice but you can use either. As a published author, I would highly recommend using a PC. Many agents now require an 'electronic' copy of your manuscript, as do publishers. Even if you are going to self-publish, you will still need to get it into a computer in order for any modern printer to handle the printing request. In the long run, it will cut down on costs and headaches.

Also if you make a mistake on typewriter... Big mistake. And PC are easier in my opinion

I first discovered my passion for writing upon discovering an antique typewriter at my grandparent's house as a child. However in this day and age I recommend using a computer or a laptop.

Editing is easier on a computer, which is helpful for correcting mistakes or going back to add in additional details.

Computers also allow you to save a copy of the work on your hard drive in case it gets lost. It also means you have the original copy in your possession at all times should someone contest your ownership of the published works.

These days the computer is also important for emailing contacts such as publishers and reviewers. You also need access to the internet in order to market your book to the public.

A computer can also give you the freedom to be an independent author, free of "middle men", as you can self-publish through online mediums. This is particularly helpful to new authors before they are noticed by a printing house.