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Should you use distilled spring or drinking water in a fish bowl?


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While I don't believe in keeping fish in a bowl you should never use distilled water to keep fish in. It will kill them eventually. Tap water is perfect for most fish once the chlorine has been removed/evaporated off. You can do this by simply leaving the water in a bucket overnight. I refuse to waste money on water conditioners.

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Distilled water has already been boiled so you do not have to do it again. Distilled water has all impurities already removed.

The water in my area sometimes tastes odd. What is considered the better choice in terms of pure drinking water? How does bottled spring water compare to distilled water? Whats the difference between the two?

Arrowhead sells multiple types of water. If you see 100% mountain spring water on their label, then its not distilled. That means it still has naturally occurring fluoride and other minerals in it. If you see Distilled water on label, then the water could be distilled municipal /well water. Do not use distilled water for daily use as it does not have necessary minerals. But distill water is probably better than drinking tap water or spring water as "No Fluoride poison in it!"

I am not too find of my water filter. How can I make distilled water for drinking in my own home?

Spring water contains impurities that facilitate the formation of ice crystals. Distilled water does not.

Is there any distilled water for drinking that I should stay away from? I heard from a friend there is a brand that has dangerous minerals in them.

The purest water is the Zamzam water, HO2 means water. The Zamzam water has the Purest ingredients. DO you know that if you put one drop of Zamzam water in a glass of sea water or salt water, you will see that after some time you will see that the salt and water are separated. ANd it will be able to drink.

Certain chemical reactions require use of distilled water. Engines in our cars need distilled water. It is good practice to use distilled water for drinking purposes.

is drinking distilled water harm full for humans

The distilled water is not recommended as drinking water, excepting some situations; also is very expensive.

Treated tap water is recommended as drinking water; distilled water is used in laboratories and special industries.

Distilled water is steam, it has no chemicals or minerals or salts in it at all, its totally pure. Spring water comes out of the ground, it will always contain some salts and minerals

It is quite safe to drink distilled water - rainwater is distilled water (well, almost: it has dissolved air)! but without minerals these can absorb some nutrients from our body

Diustilled water is of course more pure.

Drinking it once will have little or no effect, but the regular drinking of distilled water is not to be encouraged for health reasons. The lack of naturally occurring minerals in this water has raised some concerns.

You can buy spring or distilled water at Wal-mart for less than $1 a gallon.

No, never add regular drinking water to a battery. Only add Distilled Water.

Mineral has minerals you need,iron magnesium,sodium etc. while distilled water has only pure water

Distilled water is recommended for use in laboratories, cars, special industries; mineral water is recommended for drinking (but with moderation).

I currently drink just plain tap water. Is there any health benefit to distilled water for drinking?

Distilled water should be neutral.

You should not drink distilled water as it lacks minerals which are beneficial for us.Make a solution of the salt in distilled water.

You can use StartRight to remove chlorine from your water but if your water is too hard or has a pH too high it will be harmful. The best choice is simply spring water you can buy at the grocery store for about 70 cents a gallon. Spring water, not drinking, not distilled.

Regular non-flavored distilled or spring water is the best water you can drink. Mineral water comes in second.

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