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It's not uncommon for men to do this. Men aren't a lot like women in the sense of communicating with his friends (women often complain to their girlfriends). Most men don't have female friends for a reason (how would you like him confiding in a woman friend) and so, he has to let off steam somewhere so he goes to his family. This means one thing ... you two aren't communicating and YOU NEED TOO!

Sounds like both of you are extremely stubborn and won't sit down like two adults and discuss CALMLY what the problem is and try to meet half way. If you master that then he won't have to run off to his family to express his feelings.

Just because he goes to his family doesn't mean some of those family members (especially the women) won't stick up for you if your man is wrong. Example:

Last year my brother's wife was so upset that he didn't help her dicipline their two teenage sons (made her out to be the bad guy in front of her two sons) that she flew out of the house and drove around because she was frustrated and felt trapped. Thankfully, she had the sense to call me (her sister-in-law.) We have always gotten along and so of course I invited her to come over. She was in tears and upset and frustrated and she ended up staying 4 days. My husband was a dear and kept out of it and went to the den, while I listened to my sister-in-laws problems, and yes, my brother was part of those problems. I phoned my brother to tell him his wife was here and safe and I said no more. Of course he was grateful. Then when she went in to have a bath I phoned him on my cell and we had a little chat. He admitted he could be doing more helping to raise the two teenage boys. That 4 days worked magic and when she got home they sat down and communicated (as I had asked them to do) and came to a good understanding. Oh yes, they have the odd argument off and on, but nothing like it was before and my brother has since started to put some effort into raising their boys.

So, pick an evening, sit down with your man and talk calmly. Don't rush in blaming him for this and that, but tell him how you feel inside. Then you LISTEN to how he feels. Most of the problems in this world is because people don't listen!

Good luckMarcy

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Q: Should your man tell his family and friends about arguments you have?
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