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Your front wheels could need balancing or possibly a distorted disc could be the problem. If it is the disc you will need to change both of the front discs & brake pads. ---------- You have probably bent one of the wheel rims. Unfortunately, it may also be a safety issue. Take the vehicle to a tire shop, maybe the last place you purchased tires. They should be able to tell you if there is a problem.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-09 20:38:48
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Q: Skidded in your car and veered sidewards onto hardshoulder and grass verge no external car or wheel damage but your steering wheel vibrates while braking and at 50-60 MPH what could be the problem?
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Why Steering wheel vibrates when car stopped?

Motor is idling rough.

When you drive your 2001 Toyota Camry the steering wheel vibrates why?

who is this and then i will tell you

Steering wheel vibrates when braking?

Most likely warped brake discs

Why car dash board and steering column vibrates only when idling?

Transmission mounts are bad

Why does your steering wheel vibrates?

Tire out of balance, loose lug nuts, worn wheel bearing, or bent wheel.

What causes steering wheel vibration while driving and while braking the whole crossover vibrates?

maybe the car need to be linged up n check the power steering.

Why is it that front end vibrates at speeds 40 Mph or over new tires new alignment still vibrates more when you step on the gas pedal?

Bad CV joint? How about a bad steering box?

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Is it safe to Drive while steering wheel vibrates?

Not surprisingly, it depends, if the steering wheel vibrates all the time, no. IT could be a whole bunch of things. If it just vibrates at a certain speed range, roughly 50 to 70 mph, it is probably the tracking on your tires (or at least that's worth checking as it is a cheap procedure). Either way, if it makes you feel unsafe whilst driving the car, then don't drive it.

Why does your steering wheel shake around 40mph The rotorsbrakes are new. Steering wheel vibrates left to right a little bw 40-45mph. Also vibrates a tad when initially braking. Any ideas?

If it shakes all the time it is a tire/wheel problem. If it only shakes when braking then it is a brake problem.

When you put a car in drive or reverse and let off the brake and turn the wheel it vibrates in the steering wheel but it doesn't vibrate when you drive what is that?

Check your power steering fliud, if it is low this could cause the vibration you are feeling.

What is it when your car vibrates while turning the steering wheel?

Losse wheel, worn bearing, or more than likely, a worn CV joint.

2003 optima low idle 750rpm steering wheel vibrates?

sitting and idling ?possible bad engine or trans mounthave them inspected

Your 2000 Toyota Camry CE ha a steering wheel that vibrates when going over 60 MPH?

Most likely your wheels need balanced.

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII vibrates in steering wheel when braking over 40 What do you think?

Sounds like your front brake rotors are warped.

2008 ford escape steering vibrates when idles?

I have a 2010 and it does the same thing, only owned it for 3 weeks! I'm taking it back to the dealership

What would cause a vibration in the steering wheel in a 2006 Chevy cobalt?

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, or if it vibrates only when braking you have a warped rotor.

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Why the steering wheel vibrates when speeding over 60mph in a 94' Honda civic?

either your front end is not allighned properly. ot you have a tire out of balance..

Why does your car make an awful grinding sound when you turn especially to the right and vibrates slightly when stopped?

The "awful grinding sound" might be a problem with your power steering

Your 97 Chevy pickup steering wheel vibrates heavily when you turn the wheel during parking is this the PS bearings?

bearings inside your sterring colum need replacing

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Your 2002 Toyota Avalon pulls to the right also the front end vibrates at slow speed the steering wheel also rotates back and forth at slow speeds is your power steering unit defective?

Sounds like you have a bad tire with belt damage.