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Snail fan mail to The Doctor from Doctor Who?

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401. Partners in Crime

193. 050408 by Russell T Davies

Donna Noble encounters an alien emergency in London and there's

only one person she knows of that can help her. But who is the

mysterious but powerful business woman, Miss Foster and why does

she have her own sonic screwdriver?

402. The Fires of Pompeii

194. 120408 by James Moran

What has ancient Rome got to do with anything? A quick trip to

Pompei when Mount Vesuvius is about to explode. Can they save all

the people? Can Donna avoid being sacrificed? Russell says that the

monsters in this episode are the most ambitious to date.

403. Planet of the Ood

195. 190408 by Keith Temple

A trip to the far future. Donna has to deal with some Ood.

404. The Sontaran Strategem

405. Title Unknown

196. 260408 by Helen Raynor


The Sontarans invade Earth to try to find an escaped Rutan

carrying secrets. Martha is captured. Can the Doctor and Donna save


406. The Doctor's Daughter

(Suggested Title)

197 100508 by Stephen Greenhorn

The Doctor discovers a laboratory on Earth which has been

experimenting with his DNA. They've used it to create something so

shocking, so unimaginably evil that it will scare you to the root

of your core, destroy your faith in the Whoniverse and give you

nightmares for years to come. They create the Doctor's daughter.

NB: He'll probably find out about this at a scientific

establishment wearing his James Bond tuxedo. There'll be lots of

explosions and running around and probably a computer graphic

monster or two. Think Alien 4 meets James Bond.

407. The Unicorn and the Wasp

198.170508 by Gareth Roberts

Donna and The Doctor visit Agatha Christie, played by Fenella

Woolgar, and together they investigate a strange murder.

New news about the final episode updated March 08

408. Silence in the Library

409. The life and times of Doctor Moon (Suggested


198. 240508 by Steven Moffat


The Doctor and Donna land on a library planet in the 51st

century that had been abandoned 100 years ago. The library contains

trillions of books each showing the future history of individuals.

Histories that haven't happened yet. The Doctor and Donna encounter

dead bodies, data ghosts, the Suit Creature, Vashta Nerada

(piranhas of the air - shadows that melt the flesh) and

archaeologist Professor Bernice Summerfield - oops sorry - I mean

Professor River Song played by Alex Kingston. At the end of part 1

Donna is separated from the Doctor and finds herself in a

mysterious hospital administered by Irving Braxiatel - oops sorry -

I mean Doctor Moon. Turlough, oops, I mean Donna starts receiving

strange images of a girl with blond hair. The girl's name is Rose

and she warns Donna of a plan by the Daleks and an old enemy of the

Doctor's to destroy her universe.

410. Midnight

(Suggested Title - Time War 1)

What do the Eternals have to do with things? Rose and Martha

band together to control the TARDIS and try to find the Doctor who

gets himself lost in space! Captured by the Eternals, Daleks,

Axons, Sontarans?

411. Time War Part 2

412. Time War Part 3

413. Time War Part 4

200. 070608 by Russell T Davies




The Doctor finds out about the messages from Rose but can't do

anything about it when suddenly the alternate reality holding

Mickey, Jackie and Rose collapses, sending them back to their

original universe. Confirmed that this final story will feature

Rose, Mickey, Pete, Jackie, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, Martha Jones

and K9 as well as Donna and the Doctor. It'll also feature Davros

played by Julian Bleach. It is likely to feature Sontarans and

Daleks in a war as well as other aliens in a final gobsmacking

battle. Davros has been located by Caan and he is helping the Dalek

to create a new race of Daleks. In a shock development in the final

episode, a Dalek casing opens to reveal Harriet Jones, played by

Penelope Wilton, the mother of all the new Daleks. Rumoured to

feature the Torchwood team too as well as the newly created

daughter of the Doctor. It's also possible the Master will be back

in this episode, manipulating everything from behind the scenes.

This would also be story number 200 and worth a celebration in

itself. The final scenes involve the Doctor being wounded in an

explosion and Sarah, Jack, Martha, Rose and Donna trying to save

him. This is believed to be a crash and burn story which wipes out

almost anything that Russell T Davies has had a hand in creating in

the past few years so that the new producer can start with a clean

slate, so to speak. 40X2. The 4 Doctors (Suggested


201 231108 By Terrance Dicks

Rumoured that an extra special story will be written for the

45th anniversary to be broadcast on the 23rd November 2008 starring

Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston and David

Tennant with special appearances by other guest actors. Alternately

this special may appear as a Children in Need extravaganza.

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