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David Tennant is a Scottish actor that was born on April 18th, 1971. He is best known for his work in theatre, as Barty Crouch Jr. in the movie 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', and as the Tenth Doctor in the popular television series, 'Doctor Who'.

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David Tennant

What does David Tenant like?

the proclaimers


His young wife


David Tennant

How long for a reply of David tenant?

David Tennant replies to all his fanmail; due to the amount of fanmail he receives, he cannot reply personally but he does send everyone who writes a personalised signed photo. The time it takes to get a reply depends on how busy he is, whether he is currently working and whether he is in London or elsewhere. Some people have received replies within two weeks, others have had to wait two or three months.

David Tennant

Can David Tenant play the guitar?

David strums a bit in a scene in an early tv series/drama of his called "Takin' Over the Asylum". He also plays 'air guitar' very convincingly with the band, Franz Ferdinand, when he hosted the tv Red Nose day broadcast last year with Davina McCall. DT loves pop and rock music and is very knowledgeable about styles and bands. Has been since he was an early teenager. It's not hard to believe he may also play a bit of legit guitar.

David Tennant

What is David Tennant's Twitter?

David Tennant doesn't have a Twitter.

However there is a fan Twitter for David Tennant which gives occasional updates on the star. You can find it in the related links below.

David Tennant

Does david tenant have a six pack?

I hope so

but we will never know because he never takes his top off but when he does his chest is never shown on telly.

He's been nude or shirtless in a few things. There's one photo from 2005 of him shirtless where he has something of a six-pack, but mostly he is skinny and not very muscular.

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David Tennant

Can you contact David Tennant?

you can write to him at David Tennant

c/o Independent Talent Group

Oxford House

76 Oxford Street



David Tennant

What does David Tenant eat?

David has said he really loves French food, and enjoys red meat like steak and sausages, and pizza. He also has a real sweet tooth and loves cakes. But he's said he will eat pretty much anything.

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Where does David hill live?

David Hill lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

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David Tennant

What suit does David Tennant wear on Doctor Who?

A blue pinstripe suit with or without reading glasses and a long brown coat.

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David Tennant

Is David Mirvish married?

whose business is it anyway if he is married or not?

David Tennant

Bradley James looks like David Tennant Are they related?


David Tennant

Is David Tennant related to Emily Tennant?

No, his real surname is McDonald.

David Tennant

What is David Tennant's favourite animal?

David Tennant has never mentioned publicly what his favorite animal was. He has said in interviews that he doesn't mind pets, but it seems he is not particularly fond of having them in the house. He has also mentioned he is allergic to horses.

David Tennant

What are the glasses David Tenant wears on dr who?

The glasses seen throughout the Tennant era were sourced by the Doctor Who costume designer, and were vintage.

David Tennant

Is david tenant related to Victoria tenant?

no he is not

David Tennant

Will David Tenant come back as Doctor Who as doctor 12?

Regular viewers of the show will have picked up on the ‘Cracks in the universe‘ to which many fans believe that later in the series,Billie Piper and Tennant will reprise their roles as ‘Rose Tyler‘ and ‘Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor‘ who was last seen in the episode ‘Journey’s End.’ It’s theorized that the cracks in the universe will allow a cross over between realities.

Also of interest is the concept of ‘TARDIS Coral‘ the substance which TARDIS‘ are in fact grown from (grown, not built.) In the DVD Box set, there was a scene at ‘Bad Wolf Bay‘ where The Doctor gives ‘Meta-Crisis Doctor’ a piece of TARDIS coral which would take thousands of years to grow into a fully fledged working TARDIS. However, Donna, still influenced by the Meta-Crisis previously mentioned in the episode tells the ‘Meta-Crisis Doctor’ and Rose that the growth of the TARDIS coral can be accelerated by suggesting “…if you shatterfry the plasmic shell and modify the dimensional stabiliser to a foldback harmonic of 36.3, you accelerate growth by the power of 59!” Whilst the scene was not aired as it would add complications to Rose’s departure, it’s very well in the realm of probability that the TARDIS coral could be written in to a future script.

One last possibility is that 2013 may hold a return of Tennant as the show celebrates its 50th Anniversary, making room for the possibility of a Doctor Who special.

David Tennant

What city does David Tenant live in now?

London, England.

David Tennant

What University did David tenant go to?

He went to drama school at the Royal Academy of Drama and Music, however that course was run in conjuction with Glasgow University and students would spend one or two days a week studying academicly, and the rest of the time studying practical acting. David has a BA degree in Acting.

David Tennant

How many girlfriends has David Tenant had?

3 that we know of.

David Tennant

Did David tenant smoke?

I do not believe that Tennant smokes, however I did see a movie once were he was smoking pot and I just remember laughing because it was very obvious he'd done that before! LOL

David Tennant

Does David tenant have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, he has a brother called Blair and a sister called Karen.

David Tennant

Has David Tenant got a wife and kids?

Yes. His wife is Georgia Moffett, a british actress, who is the daughter of Peter Davison and Sandra Dickinson. David and Georgia married on the 30th December 2011. They have a daughter, Olive, born in March 2011. Georgia is also mum to 9 year old Tyler, who is now David's step-son through marriage.

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What is David Tennant's favourite band?

The Proclaimers

David Tennant

How does David Tenant stay so thin if he doesn't do sport?

David is just a naturally skinny person.

David Tennant

Where did David Tenant study to be an actor?

For university he went to the RSAMD, which stands for the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. The RSAMD is situated in Glasgow and has the maximum of approx. 600 students at one time.


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