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Social class and love?

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Please ask your question in a COMPLETE sentence so it can be understood and answered.

I am going to guess that you are asking about love and inter-class relationships. In answer to that, I will say this; Love knows no class, religious, race or caste distinction. It is only parental, community, racial, peer group, gender group and societal expectations and taboos, along with the guilt associated with violating those expectations and taboos, that keep people from not only having relationships with others deemed "not of their kind", but from many times, even having the ability to meet others outside their group or "social class" that they may fall in love with, incurring their parents' and societal displeasure. Keeping a group of people separate from another group is many times passed down unwittingly from one generation to the next. Old wives tales and phrases, depicting a particular group as lazy, shifty, "dumb", untrustworthy, greedy, or not worthy, are passed on to children without parents even realizing what they are doing. This is a system of segregation that has probably been effective since the beginning of man and the creation of groups of those who "have" versus those who "have not" in society. Like exclusive clubs who exclude others from them, at some early point, groups of early humans who thought alike, or looked alike, or had more food or material things than other groups, rationalized why they were somehow "special" and needed to exclude people. And those rationalizations went beyond presumed material wealth. They grew to include anyone who was "different" from the norm or average. Like being left handed. Being left handed, in a predominantly right handed world, is difficult. Being right handed, I attempted to use left handed scissors and failed miserably. I teach dining skills in my business. There are a few dining utensils that were made specifically for left handed people, but they are rare. 80% of the world population is said to be right handed. Though I am unsure as to whether that statistic is accurate. Many left handed people may claim to be right handed. Why would someone do that? A variety of reasons, not the least of which is the need to please others and "fit in" to society. Example: I was working with a Middle Eastern client a few years ago. She had 2 young boys. When we were discussing Middle Eastern dining and the practice of one not eating with his or her left hand, as it was the "unclean" hand, she said this; "We were not taught that, but as children we do learn that people who are right handed are very smart, very good, trustworthy and beautiful. They get along very well with others, are artistic and are kind to everyone. People who are left handed are crafty, cunning, they are not beautiful. They are sly. Do you know what I mean? So no one really wants to be left handed." I explained that those stereotypes were passed down to children to make them use their right hands, as the left hand was used for hygienic purposes, among other things. Thus, the left hand was the "unclean" hand. The right hand was the "clean" hand. It was a system someone came up with, at some point. The dialogue passed on to children of every generation was to keep the system in place and to have everyone in that group or society, doing things uniformly. Like eating with the right hand, while doing things deemed unhygienic, with the left. It worked for that group and moved throughout other societies. One of the kindest women I ever knew was left handed. She was my grandmother. My brother is also one of the kindest and giving people I know, and is extremely philanthropic. He is left handed. We are not Middle Eastern, yet several family members did try to "correct" my brother's "left handedness" in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when we were young. One last thought... I do hope you are not of the impression that having money, equals having "class". One can have class, but no money. One can have a lot of money, and no class. Not really knowing what your question was to begin with, I hope this either enlightens you in some way, or gives you something to think about.

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What is the order of the highest social class?

There are three social classes:1. Upper Class2. middle Class3. Lower ClassUpper class is the highest social class, whereas lower class is the lowest.

What were the akkadian social classes?

the social classes are upper class middle class and lower class

How can you use the word social class in a sentence?

How about "What social class is the suspect in?"?

What is the Sumerian social class?

the sumerian social class is the levels of wealth

How do you use social class in a sentence?

This means people with the same economic, educational, or social characteristics. Here are some sentences.Social class can determine success in a career.People of a lower social class often suffer from poverty.The working class is a variety of social class.

What was Georgia O'Keeffe's social class?

Georgia O'Keeffe's social class was about middle to lower middle class

What was the largest social class in colonial america?

The largest social class in Colonial America was the middle class. The highest class was the gentry.

What is the meaning for the term patricians Rome?

Patrician was a social class in ancient Rome. It was simply the name of a class, nothing more.Patrician was a social class in ancient Rome. It was simply the name of a class, nothing more.Patrician was a social class in ancient Rome. It was simply the name of a class, nothing more.Patrician was a social class in ancient Rome. It was simply the name of a class, nothing more.Patrician was a social class in ancient Rome. It was simply the name of a class, nothing more.Patrician was a social class in ancient Rome. It was simply the name of a class, nothing more.Patrician was a social class in ancient Rome. It was simply the name of a class, nothing more.Patrician was a social class in ancient Rome. It was simply the name of a class, nothing more.Patrician was a social class in ancient Rome. It was simply the name of a class, nothing more.

What are the different social classes in the Philippines?

the diffrent social classes are:upper class,middle class and lower class

What do sociologists mean by social class?

the social class mean is a working class for example teacher's nurse etc.

What is social class?

Social class is a goup of people with similar backgrounds, incomes and lifestyles.Social class is different concepts which people are put into social categories. When analysing social class you can see there are different concepts social sciences and political theory. In the late 18th century the term class started to replace classifications such as rank and estates.

The middle class grew out of a social class known as?

The Bourgeoisie is the Middle class that grew out of social. Untouchables were Middle Class. Helots and Serfs were Lower class.

What are the Phoenicians job specialization and social classes?

There job specializations were farmers, farmer workers, church workers, warriors, etc. The Social class was working class, social class, and the middle class.

Where were Mohenjo Daro kids in social class?

yes, they were in the same social class as their parent

A sentence with the word social class?

Upper, Middle, and Lower Class are social classes.

What is the parsons social class from the Canterbury tale?

The social class of a parson is the Clergy and or Church

What is The highest social class of ancient Rome?

The highest social class was the patriciate, the aristocracy.

What are the social classes in america today?

Upper class, upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class, and lower class are the social classes in America.

Elizabethan social rankings?

The social rankings were poor; 3rd class, noble; middle class, clurgy;1st class.

What was important about ancient Rome's social class?

Which social class? Ancient Rome's society was divided into several classes as it was part of their culture. Each person knew his class and the social mores that their class incorporated.

Why didn't Beethoven marry?

All of Beethoven's love interests belonged to a different social class and would not marry him because of this.

What are some themes of outsiders?

social class, loyalty, love, bravery, violence, appearance, isolation, death, education, choice.

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