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Some idiot cut all the factory wiring for your 1990 corolla you are trying to find out which wires go to what?



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My suggestion is if anyone cut into the factory wiring harness is probly a thef and stole the car or is really stupid. My guess would be to get an whole new wiring harness. trying to re wire it can result in a fire or electrical shock. DO NOT ATEMPT! (ADD - Well, if youre just talking about the radio wiring, then most aftermarket radio kits can help you identify speakers and power wires, and there are even sites on the net giving away wiring diagrams - search for wiring diagrams. If however, youre talking about reconnecting high power wiring, like, anything over 14 gauge, such as starter wires or battery wires, then yeah, get a new harness. Smaller wires can be stripped, soldered and heatshrunk then taped up. That assumes you know how to solder correctly...)