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i have sort of the same problem and there are two reason i can think of that i am attempting to fix, 1) vacuum leak somewhere in your engine, 2) spark plugs.

Maybe it is a bad Crank Sensor.


That could be possibility but it might be the torque-converter as well. It depends on the nature of the jerk and your driving habits. I'd say if you step on the gas even a little bit on uphills it could be the torque-converter, this jerk is normal depending on how much you step into it. A good giveaway would be to watch your RPM's, if they climb...then stall for a few and then jump very rapidly, this is most likely the torque converter. Many people think that when this happens they are shifting, but in most cases it's just the torque converter.

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Q: Some times when you start to go up a slight hill with my 2000 Buick LeSabre the motor gives a little jerk a few times why?
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