Stains in girlfriends underwear?

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This will be a bit awkward to answer but here goes. Your wondering if your girlfriend is cheating because you noticed some stain in her underwear. Why are you insecure about your relationship with her, did she gave you some idea that she is doing it? And why in a world you have to look at her underwear.

Now here's the reality, and I'm not sure if you know this facts about women. Stain can be cost by discharge before or after her period. If the two of you have a sexual relationship, it will leave your girlfriend some stain. Try not to panic because your girl's underwear has stain. Remember man are different from woman.

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Do everybody have dodo stains in they underwear?


Why are there stains on your underwear?

because you shat your pants

What is the white stains in your husbands underwear?

The stains in the front of men's underwear can be either discharge (which both women and men get) or urine. This does not mean the man is cheating.

How do you remove brown stains from your underwear?

Stains in your underwear are probably protein stains, so do not use hot water. Rinse them in cold water and pretreat them with OxyClean. Once the stain is gone, wash it as you normally would.

If you ejaculated on your girlfriends underwear can she get pregnant?

It's possible.

How do you know you got your period?

You will see stains in your underwear and its red and you got cramps and you see it at the back of your underwear

What type of economic system does Ecuador have?

dookie stains in your underwear

When men have white crusty stains in underwear does it mean he has a disease?


Why would a man have orange stains in his underwear?

If you think a man with orange stains in his underwear is cheating it's not true. Multi vitamins can cause orange stains and generally this means they are taking too many of the vitamins. When a man urinates no matter how much 'he shakes it' there is always a few drips and this causes discoloring in their underwear.

Is it normal to have yellow stains in your underwear?

No, it could be pee stains or something else. If you are not normally like this then see your doctor.

How do you keep boo boo stains out your underwear?

wash and wipe good

Why do i white stains in underwear after going to the bathroom?

go ask a doctor go!

How do you get spaghetti stains out of your underwear?

Spray them with Shout, then wash in hot water after an hour .

I get brown stains on my underwear everyday. Also, itโ€™s always wet and leaves an odor. Do I need to be concerned about it?

Try to wash it. If it doesn't work then ask me

If her panties are stained does that mean she is cheating?

No not necessarily - woman tend to get stains in their underwear from vaginal discharge that naturally occurs which in turn causes stains or the cause from their menstruation.

Do white stains on a man's underwear mean he has cheated?

No. Men can have white stains or yellow stains on the front of their shorts. Some men can get easily aroused (for example: seeing a stripper) and perhaps have semen stains, but it doesn't mean he cheated. Usually the yellow stains are from urine or discharge. Marcy

Do teen boyfriends girlfriends swap underwear?

NOOO!?! (well unless your really weird xD)

What does it mean when a women wears black underwear and has white stains in them?

It means the woman has a yeast infection.

Why should you wear your underwear?

So you don't get a infection.(: And your clotes don't have stains, If you're a girl.(:

Does semen stains on the back of his underwear mean hes gay?

Nope, just means he's either masterbated in his underwear and was too lazy to wipe or had an ejaculation in his pants.

How do you get white stains in mens underwear?

It comes from masturbating, daydreaming having sex with someone or watching pornography.

How do you get period stains out of your underwear?

Usually, if you get to it as soon as possible, and soak them in icy water most of the blood comes out, after, apply detergent directly, and then wash like you normally would, the stains come out.

Why do men have stains in their shorts or underwear and women don't?

Cuz when we get turned on, a little stuff comes out of our penis. The only way for women to stain their underwear is if they crap or pee in it. That is usually unlikely too

Can a woman show signs of cheating in her underwear?

No, it is difficult to look at any stains in a woman's underwear (that goes for men) to tell if they have had sexual relations with anyone as women have a discharge just like men do.

Can you boil your underwear to get the stains out?

You could, but depending on the stain it may just make it worse. I would wash them with a stain remover or bleach.