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Stores named in Spanish in Texas?


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NO!! they do not have spanish stores in Texas


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Texas was named after a Caddo Native American word meaning friends. The Spanish people that were settling Texas heard the word and liked it.

The Hasania Confederation. Texas is a Spanish translation of the Hasania word for Friend or Allies in the Caddo language.

They were Spanish longhorned cattle, which became known and named Texas Longhorn cattle, and were recognized as a breed.

'Texas' in Spanish is 'Tejas.'

California,New Mexico,Texas,Arizona, Florida

"Texas" is a native American term meaning "friend" or "ally" .texas is the geographical name for the state, however you need to look at spanish history of why they named it Texas Mexican history

What are examples of the Spanish legacy in Texas

Spanish Texas was created in 1690.

Spanish Texas ended in 1821.

HEB Stores in Texas and coming to Walmart stores in Texas September 2011.

The horse he rode into battle during the Spanish-American War was named "Little Texas".

Frijole ranch is the smallest ranch in Texas named.

When did Texas become a state

When we were opened for settlers.

Texas has no official language, but Spanish is very popular.

what are Spanish motives for set tiling in Texas

It means "saint." San Antonio, Texas was named after Saint Anthony of Padua after Spanish explorers discovered the site on his feast day. San Francisco was named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

"There are dozens of Sprint stores in Texas. There are over ten stores in Dallas alone, not including independent stores that offer Sprint plans and service."

Lowe's is supposedly closing 13 stores in Texas. They should be announcing what stores on Friday 8/19/2011

Walnut tree named in Spanish is nogal nombrado.

No, but there are movies with the word Texas in it.

Florida came from a spanish word.Florida was named by Spanish........

Texas was named after Stephen F .Austin that's why the Texas capital is Austin Texas

Because they ruled texas

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