Straight leg infantry units in Vietnam?

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US Army "Official" Mechanized Infantry (example: 5th Infantry Div Mechanized) didn't exist prior to Vietnam. Neither did Airmobile Infantry (example: 1st Air Cav Div). During the Viet War there were 4 types of US Army Infantry (not counting SF/Rangers/or other special types of men...LRRPS, ARPS, etc.): Infantry; Mechanized Infantry, Airborne, and Airmobile.
In Vietnam, the term "Leg" was slang for an infantrymen (or a leg grunt)...because that's all he tank! No ACAV! Just a cloth uniform to stop the bullets. Since he had no ACAV nor tank, he was "straight" leg.
1. Infantry-(straight foot soldier (traditionally always the draftee-cannon fodder), the grunt, moves by foot, chopper, boat, truck, anyway he can).
2. Airborne-same as above, only "jump" qualified, he's the paratrooper.
3. Airmobile-same as #1, but does more flying in helicopters to get where he's going.
4. Mechanized-the ultimate grunt (but not jump qualified): Fights mounted like a light tank from his M113 ACAV (Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle). Can dismount to finish the slaughter with rifle and bayonet; can be deployed by chopper just like his airmobile brothers...just park the ACAVs and go. Can deploy on riverine boats...again just park the ACAVs and go (always leaving the .50 gunner/TC and driver with the tracks/slang for M113). The mech men could do everything the above grunts could do, just not parachute from a plane.
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How did the United States get out of the Vietnam war?

Answer . \nThe American public wasn't committed to the war. The United States being a fairly representative democracy, the politicians and generals had to find a way out.\n. \nThe Paris Peace Accords were signed in January 1973. These were the official terms for the United States getting out of ( Full Answer )

What were the United States goals in Vietnam?

The US had a stated goal of preventing the takeover of the "democratic" South by the "communist" North. But like many Cold War conflicts, it was a case of the US supporting and backing one side, while Russia or China backed the other. When it became clear that the corrupt and fascist South Vietna ( Full Answer )

What were Luftwaffe infantry units?

There were four types of Luftwaffe units that were used as infantry or as ground units. 1. Anti-Aircraft units Anti-Aircraft units were used to protect major industrial sites, air fields and also at the front lines. They operated the 88-mm anti-aircraft artillery and other heavy artillery to defe ( Full Answer )

What is infantry?

Basically... the Army, as in the normal military. Mostly troops that are land-based in their operations, just plain ( mostly ) frontline fighters, like in Roman times, they'd be the main group of foot soldiers.

How far is the United States from Vietnam?

walk = 30,3303 days. swim = 36 days. ride harley = 19 days. ride 600cc sportbikes = 11 days. I'm fuel mechanic and I approved this message.

What did the United States want from Vietnam?

When the French withdrew from Vietnam in 1954, the US installed the Diem regime, brutal and without popular support, but friendly to US corporate intrests.The resistance movement, the NLF, later became known as the Viet cong. What did the US want?Rubber, oil, copper, of course. They wanted Vietnam t ( Full Answer )

Whats the difference between Armored Cavalry and Mechanized Infantry in Vietnam?

Prior to 1969, US Armored Cavalry units in Vietnam consisted of M-48 Patton tanks and M-113 APC's (ACAV's). Beginning in 1969, US Cavalry Squadrons, and the only Regiment in Vietnam, the 11th ACR, began exchanging their M-48's for the BRAND NEW M-551 Sheridan light tank (Officially titled the Armore ( Full Answer )

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What are the infantry?

Infantry are foot-soldiers who carry a weapon by hand, opposed to cavalry, who rode on horses, or armor, which is divisions of tanks and artillery.

What marine units were in Vietnam?

The 1st and 3rd US Marine Tank Battalions, equipped with M48A3 Patton tanks; and the 5th Marine tank battalion as reinforcement. For USMC Infantry, Artillery, Aviation, See: Vietnam War.

Why did the United States attack Vietnam?

The claim by the Johnson White House was that an American ship was attacked by North Vietnamese patrol boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. This was later proven to be false, but at the time it was used as the pretext for American involvement in the conflict. The US had been seeking to bolster the anti-comm ( Full Answer )

Why did the United States occupy Vietnam?

The United States never 'occupied' Vietnam. It was invited to send troops to support the government of South Vietnam in its attempts to deal with North Vietnamese aggression.

What is the nickname of the US infantry man during Vietnam War?

The MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) code for (US Army only) infantryman (during the Vietnam War) was 11B. Mortarmen were 11C; Reconnaissance men were 11D; and tank crewmen were 11E.. In Vietnam, Infantrymen were called: GI's, Grunts, Foot Soldiers, 11Bullet Stoppers, Legs, and Straight Legs ( ( Full Answer )

What does the infantry do?

The Infantry, through the use of fire and maneuver, close with and kill the enemy to achieve an objective.

Is Vietnam a united nation?

Formally it was two nations: North and South Vietnam. Yes, today it is one unified country (nation)...called Vietnam.

What did the Unit Crest for the 138th infantry regiment look like?

The link below is the 138th Machine Gun Battalion.. WW2 . The 138th Infantry Regiment was not attached to any Infantry Division. This regiment was removed from the 35th Infantry Division when the divisions were reduced from 4 regiments to 3 per division. This regiment may have existed and served ( Full Answer )

Vietnam veteran army forgot to give him his combat infantry badge how do you apply for this badge?

If the man has (written) orders, simply have them adjusted to his discharge document (DD214). Most military installations have administrative personnel than can do that, including Reserve and National Guard installations. If the man does not have written orders, and/or it's documented on his DD214.. ( Full Answer )

What is the unit crest for 138th infantry regiment?

The equestrian statue in profile of Louis IX (St Louis) of France (statue is in Forest Park, St Louis) on a shield of Azume (Blue), representative of St Louis, Missouri being the original home of the 138 th Infantry Regiment and Blue the color of the Infantry.

What is the meaning of the 82nd 505 infantry unit insignia?

\nThe colors blue and white are used to symbolize Infantry. The black panther symbolizes stealth, speed and courage, all characteristics of a good parachutist. The wings are added to represent entry into combat via air, and the bendlets symbolize the unit's parachute drops into combat. The winged re ( Full Answer )

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Which army infantry units did the infantrymen come from in Vietnam war?

US Infantrymen were in: 1. 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) 2. 4th Inf Div (Ivy Division) 5. 5th Inf Div (Mechanized/1st Bde only) (Red Diamond) 6. 9th Inf Div (Old Reliables; Forrest Gump's Division) 7. Americal Div (Oregon Task Div or 23rd Inf Div) 8. 25th Inf Div (Oliver Stone's unit; h ( Full Answer )

Who was in the 123RD infantry in Vietnam?

A little more (or more accurate) details needed here. There was a 23rd Infantry Division, more commonly referred to as the Americal Divison...maybe even known as the Oregon Task Force Division. It was stationed at Chu Lai (I Corps=Military Region I). Both Generals Powell and Schartzkoph (Desert Stor ( Full Answer )

What does the 1-509th airborne infantry unit Fort Polk LA do?

The 1-509th Airborne Infantry Unit At Fort Polk, La trains deploying units in various scenarios that they might face in combat zones across the globe. They utilize the Miles gear laser system to help maintain a realistic environment. Just about every element in the army today used in combat zones ca ( Full Answer )

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Why did the United States get out of Vietnam?

Public outcry, mounting casualties, mounting costs and loss of territory are the main reasons why we eventually pulled out of Vietnam The war in South Vietnam was the first time that the television networks in the United States showed the horrors of war on the nightly news. The American public was n ( Full Answer )

How many Vietnam veterans served in combat infantry?

You're going to have to do the math. And here's the formula: Approximately 25,000 men (US) were in the field on any average given day. This does not count the men flying the combat aircraft (sorties over North Vietnam) nor does it count the US Sailors providing naval gunfire support from the gunli ( Full Answer )

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Who got combat infantry badge in Vietnam?

The 21st century is totally different today. During the Viet war in the 20th century, men were put where they were needed; period! Thus tankers with an 11E MOS, mortarmen with their 11C MOS or Armored Reconnaissance men with their 11D MOS could and did recieve 11B infantryman CIBs "IF" they were ass ( Full Answer )

How can you find your unit history for Co D 52nd Infantry Vietnam?

"Vietnam; Order of Battle", by Shelby Stanton Go to your public library; if they don't have the book you want they can order it for you via the "inter-library loan" system. Another words, if they don't have it in their library then they'll borrow it for you from another library from anywhere in th ( Full Answer )

Can mp's wear a combat infantry badge serving in combat in Vietnam?

No. Unless he was later assigned to an INFANTRY unit and that unit (his unit) was directly involved with combat operations with a hostile enemy. "Only" during the Vietnam War could a GI with an artillery, armor, MP, engineer, etc. MOS obtain a CIB if he was assigned to a 11B (MOS) job in the US Inf ( Full Answer )

Can you wear the infantry cord if your not in a infantry unit?

To be able to wear it, you must hold an 11 series, and currently be serving in that MOS. If, for example, you were 11B, then you reclassed to a non-infantry MOS, you wouldn't be authorised to wear the shoulder cord anymore.

What Army unit does Company I 302 Infantry belong to?

I can't find any reference to this unit currently being in existence. The 302nd Infantry Regiment was subordinate to the 94th Infantry Division (US Army Reserve), which has since been deactivated and reformed as the 94th Division (Force Sustainment).

What event led to a united Vietnam?

The North Vietnamese Government tried to unite the country, but South Vietnam resisted. When North Vietnam sent combat troops and propagation 'cadre' into the South to persuade them to surrender, the U.S. and other allies came into the country to defend the South against Communism. Because of popu ( Full Answer )

What is the basic unit of money in Vietnam?

dong (đồng). there was hào (0.1đ) and xu (0.01đ) before but they are no longer used due to their insignificant value. (1USD = 21000đ as of April 2013 and the smallest valued banknote is 200đ)